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log401mod1ca: Supply Chain Standards (Essay Sample)

Supply Chain Standards Assignment: For this case study find and read the article below in the ProQuest data base. Then answer the following question. In general, how will information technology help logistics integration? Assignment Expectations: Discuss specifically how information technology is helping Sunsweet Growers meet their logistics needs on both the supply and demand side. Include at least three references. You should have 3-4 pages of written text plus a cover sheet and references page. Upton, Harold, Harpal Singh. (2007, Mar.) Balanced S&OP: Sunsweet Growers' Story, Supply Chain Management Review. New York: Vol.11. Issues 2; pg 51. Click here for ProQuest article. Abstract: In most supply chains, the key constraint lies either on the supply side or the demand side. But for dried-fruit producer Sunsweet Growers, both supply and demand are determined by factors beyond the company's control. To operate more effectively in this doubly constrained environment, Sunsweet updated its old sales and operations planning (S&OP) program with new tools and processes. The new S&OP program helps not only to balance supply and demand but also to sustain that balance. source..
BUSINESS: CASE STUDY SUPPLY CHAIN STANDARDS Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (12, April, 2011) Supply Chain Standards In most supply chains operations of companies, the key constraint of these companies basically lies either on the demand side or the supply side. But for a dried-fruit producer like the Sunsweet Growers, both supply and demand are basically determined by factors that are beyond the company's full control. In order for the company to operate more effectively in this constrained environment. The Sunsweet Company has to update its old sales and operations planning (S&OP) program with new tools and change in the managerial processes (Upton & Singh, 2007). These new changes on the S&OP program will not only help to balance the supply and demand but also to sustain that balance and improve the company competition with the others dealing with the same products in the market. How is Information Technology Helping Logistics integration in the Sunsweet Growers? Information technology is a branch of science were an organization places information that pertains to its daily operations in a position that can be easily accessed by its customers and clients thus boosting corporation between the organizations and its clients (Williams et al, 1997). While Logistic Integration is a support system that is fitted in an organization in order to monitor the daily performance of an organization making sure that the organization performs its activities more effectively and economically. With the following information it is absolutely clear to know that an organization is required to have an information technology system in order to help the organization to conduct appropriate Logistics integration that will be of great benefits to the organization and also its customers. The first objective of the information system in an organization...
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