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Private space Exploration (Essay Sample)


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Private Space Exploration
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Private Space Exploration
Simply put, space exploration refers to the exploration and discovery of outer space's celestial structures by means of the ever growing space technology which is continuously evolving. Space physical exploration is conducted by using unmanned robotic probes. Human spaceflight is also used for space exploration.
The history of space exploration dates back to the 20th century when the world' most powerful states such as Russia and the United states scrambled for superiority. Space exploration therefore became a sense of pride and extreme manpower leading to development of space vehicles which attempted to reach space. The space exploration programs were conducted by government space agencies mainly of the United States and Soviet Union due to the sensitivity and huge finances involved. With time, private organizations began to purchase and offer space launches, laying ground for private space flight. Satellite radio, communications satellites, astronaut transport, satellite television and sub-orbital space tourism comprise the Earth orbit's private space lift.
The private space exploration, with certainty, has major key players and stak...
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