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How Does Perception Impact Behavior In The Workplace? (Essay Sample)


How does perception impact behavior in the workplace? It is recommended to discuss elements of personality, diversity, etc. in the workplace, as it relates to impact of perception. Please provide 1-2 examples to support your viewpoints.


Impact of Perception on Behavior
Numerous individuals perceive a similar thing differently. The differences mainly occur due to the factors associated with the perceiver such as attitude and expectations. The situation we are in can also affect how we perceive things. Our perception of things, particularly in a workplace is very imperative because it determines whether we are going to make the right decisions or not and also whether we are going to behave ethically or not. Basically, the way we perceive things or situations can either create or eliminate the problems in a workplace.
A manager will have the propensity to treat employees according to the how he perceives the races and cultures of those individuals (Brachmann, 2017). For instance, if a manager believes that Asian Americans are technical wizards then it becomes automatic for him to task the individuals with duties and responsibilities that are related to IT. Unfortunately, this stereotype can be damaging because some people might be Asian Americ

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