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Discuss The Actions That Effective Managers Can Take To Give An Organisation A Competitive Advantage Over Others (Essay Sample)


The essay will examine students' knowledge of the concept of business and their ability to analyse and evaluate the role of management
The essay could include reference to !!! some !!!of the following:
1 Explaining the role of management in achieving objectives.
2 Linking employee motivation to business performance and management's role.
3 Explaining the role of management in achieving objectives.


Business and Management – Role of Managers in the Company's Performance
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June 9, 2017
Workplace roles and dynamics have been one of the most important aspects of any organization that has existed in history. How well employees perform their functions and roles, as well as interact with one another is one of the greatest assets that a workforce could have. However, all of this would not be possible without a good management who knows how to manage the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of the workforce. A good (or even great) manager not only knows how to make everyone work efficiently but also knows how to understand them on a personal level. As according to Graban (2014), "Bad managers tell employees what to do, good managers explain why they need to do it, but great managers involve people in decision making and improvement." In the statement quoted above, being a good or great manager is synonymous with the idea of being an effective one. Nevertheless, the quote might also be too general for the sake of discussion, and thus this paper would be dedicated to some specifics discussing what actions could effective managers take to give their organization a competitive advantage over others. More specifically, he believes that through strategic planning and good incentive programs, managers could give the company its competitive advantage over the others. Namely, these actions would include; (1) increasing information dissemination, (2) involving everyone for goal setting and goal reaching, and (3) always considered the ‘human factor'.
Increasing Information Dissemination
According to Porter & Millar (1985), information and information technology are very important in strategic planning, because these provide the kind of knowledge that an organization needs in order to act and react to any situation. This type of information, however, should not be limited to the “planners” or only those who are in the high ranks of the organization. As a manager, making sure that every employee has proper access to the types of information that would be helpful for their everyday tasks. An example of this type of in

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