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Matrix Organization Structure and Innovation. Essay (Essay Sample)


Background information:
Matrix to become the most appropriate structure for the innovation to makes the business success.
The matrix structure is the modern approach makes the business reporting relationships comprise a grid. Not like before one person, one boss. Every staff has a link.
Thesis Statement (complete sentence):
Explain the three type of matrix structure

2. Body Paragraph #1
· Main idea/controlling idea
Introduce matrix structure

Point 1: compares Matrix structure and tradition structure

· Explanation / examples: Traditional normally result SILO MENTALITY

· Point 2:Bennifit for the matrix structure

· Explanation / examples: system consumption
Efficient allocation: Staff have the strong the sense of responsibility
Sharing of resources:
· Point 3:disadvantage of matrix structure

Explanation / examples: Higher overhead cost

3. Body Paragraph #2
· Main idea/Controlling idea
Type of matrix structure
· Point 1:
The Ad Hoc matrix structure
· Explanation / examples:
Use project team or task approach
· Point 2:
Partial matrix structure
· Explanation / examples:
· modification of the bureaucratic structure
· Point 3:

· Explanation / examples:

4. Body Paragraph #3
· Main idea/Controlling idea
The real business example for matrix structure –Starbucks coffee
· Point 1
Functional structure
· Explanation / examples:
Grouping based of business
· Point 2:
· Explanation / examples:
Efficient for customers
· Point 3:
Product-based division
· Explanation / examples:
Focus on certain product line
6. Conclusion: summaries main points and estate your thesis statement.
· Restate thesis

· Summary of Main Points

Matrix structure is the new approach to build business

· Application/Implications
People needs aspect new way This feature of the firm’s organizational structure enables focus on certain product lines. In this way, Starbucks effectively develops and innovates its products with support from its organizational structure.


Matrix Organization Structure and Innovation
Institutional affiliation
Instructor’s name
Matrix Organization Structure and Innovation
Most of the organizations that function in a multi-project setting share the available resources to deliver superior quality yields cost-effectively. The matrix organizational structure was formulated to handle some of the challenges that were facing the conventional organizational structure. This structure happens to be an overlap between the project hierarchy and the functional hierarchy. In essence, the matrix structure entails an overlay of influence, lateral authority and communication (Schnetler, Steyn & van Staden, 2015). To boost innovation of most organizations, Matrix organization structure was formulated as the contemporary remedy to such challenges as early as in the 80s and early 90s. This paper seeks to investigate the various characteristics of the matrix organizational structure and how they relate to the success of projects in the organization by employing drivers such as collaboration, trust, and communication amongst the team members.

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