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Final week. Unit VIII Case Study. Approaches to environmental and product safety protections taken by PepsiCo (Essay Sample)


Unit VIII Case Study
Click the link below, and review the following website about the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI):
After reviewing the website, compose a paper that explains the GRI concept and its importance. Your response should also relate this concept to environmental and safety protections and how these relate to a specific U.S. company of your choice. (THIS IS STILL ON PEPSICO)
Be sure to include the components listed below in your response.
1.Identify the approaches to environmental and product safety protections taken by the company you chose.
2. Compare the environmental and product safety protections taken by your chosen company to those in other companies.
3. Describe the impact of the GRI standards on international trade.
4. Explain how the GRI initiatives are affected by the political activities of the United States. Does this affect your chosen
5. Determine if there are ways to make the GRI better.
Your paper must be a minimum of two pages in length, and you must use a minimum of two academic resources in addition to the GRI website (for a total of three resources). Any information from a resource must be cited and referenced in
APA format, and your paper must be formatted in APA style.
IAPA Guidelines
The application of the APA writing style shall be practical, functional, and appropriate to each academic level, with the primary purpose being the documentation (citation) of sources. CSU requires that students use APA style for certain papers and projects.


Unit VIII Case Study
Author Name
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Approaches to environmental and product safety protections taken by PepsiCo
One of the core missions of PepsiCo is to help create a strong, healthy relationship between consumers and employees. The company takes different measures to ensure environmental protection and maintain the quality of its products. It should be noticed that PepsiCo’s success depends on the quality of its products and how environment-friendly the company has been. To achieve desired results, the company relies on natural resources needed to make snack foods and soft drinks. For instance, fresh water is used in the soft drinks, and pure, health-friendly ingredients are used in preparing the snack foods. 

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