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Legal 2 Research Assignment Trademark Infringement (Essay Sample)


Intentional trademark violations are on the rise in international trade and that international conventions are not subscribed to by all countries (e.g. fake “Rolex” watches, counterfeit “Levi” jeans, etc.). Respond: Provide specific recommendations on how this could be fixed/mitigated and discuss implications to the U.S. supply chain.


Trademark Infringement
Trademark Infringement
Trademark infringement is a rising vile and one that is costly to the intellectual property owners. As such, there is need to establish a robust and sustainable mechanism to deal with the vice in the local and international trade arenas (International Trademark Association, 2017). One of the most common loop holes that is exploited by counterfeiters is that, in court there is the element willingness of the defendant to commit the crime. This is a condition that is also used in the insurance claims on infringement. However, it is also a loophole that is constantly exploited and one that makes the fight against counterfeits redundant. Ideally, the only aspect that the counterfeiters have to prove is that they don’t counterfeit intentionally. As such, this is a section that has to be reviewed and excluded. This way, it is going to be much riskier for the counterfeiters to try and duplicate ...
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