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BravoMax (Essay Sample)

********Please see attached for reference to the company and product that was created************ 1. Explain your communication objectives and the communication channels your company will use to influence your target audience. (At least a 275 word answer) 2. Your company wants a recommendation of an event sponsorship possibility that is appropriate for the new product campaign. What type of event would you recommend, and what objectives would you set for the sponsorship? (At least a 275 word answer) 3. Discuss two new product ideas that can result from your product, and address the needs of your target segments. (At least a 275 word answer) source..

Communication objectives and the communication channels
In order, for the brand of BravoMax to be well accepted in the market there is need to focus on effective marketing communication. Arimount seeks to retain existing customers and also reach out to new customers; this will be possible through focusing on communication objectives. The launch of BravoMax will focus on informing customers of Arimount, persuading them and other people about the product and informing them. Consequently, the company will use various communication channels including direct marketing and through word of mouth.
This is intended to focus on creating awareness and arousing interest on the launch of BravoMax this will be accompanied with information on where to find the product in the market. It has been suggested that purchase sale vehicles should stock the product and will offer customer services and queries. In addition, there have been numerous requests sent out to retailers stocking other products of Arimount such that they will offer free samples to customers in there outlets. Since beauty products are popular with the youth, there will be marketing across the web and focusing on advertising.
Another communication objective will be to persuade existing and potential customers about the benefits of BravoMax. The company will market the product through fliers, newspapers, radio, and especially the internet; this will also include the provision of free samples. Persuasion will highlight the unique features of BravoMax specifically the availability of various scents including lily, ocean fresh and lavender. Moreover, marketing will also persuade customers on the quality of the deodorant and the affordability of the product.
After informing and persuading customers, the next communication objective will be to remind them to take decisive actions and buy BravoMax. The social media will be utilized to send messages to the youth especially young women. Brand visibility will have been achieved as there will be communication follow up through responding to feedback in the company’s website and monitoring customer satisfaction.
Event sponsorship
Arimount has been in the beauty industry for twenty years, and the launch of BravoMax requires being more visible in this industr...
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