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An Investigation In Rolls Royce Group Marketing Assignment (Essay Sample)


The requirements are all listed in the documents that I submit. I choose the Rolls Royce Group as my objective. In first section, all requirements in documents are needed. and as for the external analysis, it's better to use both PEST and porter 5 forces to analyze. the words should account around 900 words. As for the Part 2, i also submit two pictures about the structure. Use the Rolls Royce Group and GKN annual report in 2014 or 2015 then compare them and point out the potential reasons for causing it. Words in this section could be around 300 to 400. And in last section, it must use some classical theories (management, behavior and organisational theories) to support the recommendations about how to improve the Rolls Royce Group performance. This section should be 600 words. Also, i will submit a example about structure. If any questions, please contact me Thank you .


Rolls-Royce Group
History and Background
The history of Rolls-Royce Group begins in the year 1884 when its founder F H Royce opened a workshop which was involved in the manufacture of electric cranes and dynamos. In the year 1904 Royce was able to manufacture a wide selection of cars which Charles Stewart Rolls wanted to sell and they therefore established a separate business with Royce. As a corporate owner the company was incorporated in the year 1906 and took the name Rolls- Royce limited. The company went into voluntary liquidation in 1971 after it was unable to meet its financial responsibilities. The company’s business and assets were bought by the government and is present in this day and age and conducts it businesses under the name of Rolls-Royce Plc.
Over the years the company has been able to venture in to different fields where they have products that have worn the trust of clients.
Market Position
Rolls-Royce Plc is actively involved in four global marketplaces which are Marine, Energy, defense aerospace and civil aerospace. Through largely investing in technology and capacity the company has been able to create products that receive recognition by a majority of the customers in all the sectors. The fact the gains of the company have been increasing year in year out is a clear indication that their wide range of products have been accepted in to the market. The company has over 37,000 employees from which 22,000 thousand hail from the UK.
Products and Services
Rolls-Royce Group has a number of products that it manufactures including combat jets, transporters, Trainers, helicopters, tactical aircraft and UAV. The company is the second largest provider of defense aero-engine products and services in the world. There are 16,000 engines from the company in the service of 160 clients in 130 countries. In the marine industry their products have also dominated the market with 70% of the world’s marine forces and more than 30,000 commercial vessels use their equipments in all parts of the world. Rolls-Royce has also been working tirelessly in providing complete service packages for managing engines all through their life cycle. Since they are the initial manufacturer of the equipments they are able to combine a number of factors together which include their knowledge and expertise in order to deliver services that create the actual value for their client’s money.
An External Analysis of the UK
The most appropriate way to analyze the external analysis of the UK where the company operates is through the Pestle analysis and the Porters five factors analysis. The pestle analysis focuses mostly on the political, legal, economic, social, technological and environmental factors.
Political Factors
For the political factors include political instability, tax policies, trade policies, trade restrictions, tariffs and trade laws. The UK is one place in the world where people experience political stability and it is therefore a good environment for conducting business. When there is instability the cost of doing business may be increased by the government pushing investors away.
Economical Factors
Operating in the UK for Rolls-Royce is an advantage because the UK is one of the countries that have very strong economic position. It has the 5fifth highest GDP in the world and second in Europe position one being taken by Germany. Having a large population is one of the economic factors that promote growth of businesses because it allows even the small businesses profitable.
Social Factors
The social factors in UK can either affect the business positively or negatively. There are very many free services being offered by the government. Although it helps the citizens it also increases the levels of dependency and therefore will slow th...
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