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Developing Retail Packaging (Essay Sample)


Instructions: Assume you are given the task of developing retail packaging for a new product. The product and package will be produced in a small town in China and then shipped and sold in the United States. 
The product will be small runs at first and the package will be a folding carton with a three color print. What print methods might you consider for the first smaller runs? Would you change to a different method if the product does well and goes into larger production runs? Justify your reasoning and considerations. 
Your assignement will be in APA format and must include a properly formatted reference list. You paper must be 1000-1200 words, excluding title page and reference page


Developing Retail Packaging
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Developing Retail Packaging
New products in the company are fundamental since they help to strategize the growth of the company. In fact, the company is obliged to undertake enormous investment not only in development but also in advertisement and research. Ironically, it is overwhelming to realize that majority of companies dealing with new products really succeed. However, it is evident to state that the performance of new products in a setting extensively relies on effective packaging. This paper focuses on developing retail packaging for a new product whereby the item and package will be produced within a little town in China and then transferred via ship where it will be sold in the United States.
The Role of Manufacturers in Product Packaging and Design
The company should choose a manufacturer depending on the local condition of that particular town in China. These local conditions include; environmental, social political, business technological and not forgetting economic factors. This is due to fact that these conditions may either favor or disfavor the product to be produced. Choosing to establish the company at China is a better idea since it will enjoy benefits such as; cheap labor and low cost of materials. In fact, countries like China and India are endorsed with high population that avails sufficient labor for mass production (Gonzalez, Thornsbury, & Twede, 2015).
Considering some of these factors the company should endeavor at having the products manufactured by finding companies that have the capacity to produce the anticipated products.Therefore, the company should engage in market research in order to identify the suitable manufacturers. The market research approach can be done over the internet or by physical presence at China. The company should also consider its source of raw materials whether they are locally available in china or the company will have to obtain them from somewhere else. As the company conducts its research it should take into account vital factors such as; manufacturers reputations, minimums, terms, services, and comparing the price (Shen, 2014). Most importantly, products ought to be monitored and certified by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and custom clearance in order to certify that they meet the set standards.
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