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CAI2 Business & Marketing Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


Search the web to gather info on why restaurants fail
Build an outline of at least 2-3 major factors/causes. Include what the factors are, why they occurred, resolutions attempted, and the root cause of any problem that caused the ultimate failure
Cite at least two sources used and why you feel they are credible
Define what information system or different use of an existing IS could have helped and why?
Define your strategy for using the information system to resolve or prevent problems


Factors that Affect the Failure of Restaurants
and the
Information System
Setting up a business is not an overnight work. It demands courage, time, planning, and investment to build one. A restaurant is no different in terms of business management. Planning for a restaurant business thoroughly considers factors like the theme, budget, location, menu, target market, and many more. These factors would help establish the restaurant to operate for a long time. However, despite rigorous planning, restaurants still have the probability to fail.
From an economic perspective, bankruptcy is one of the many reasons why restaurants fail (Gu, 2002; Parsa, et al, 2005). In a study by Parsa, et al (2005), restaurants with low revenue usually have problems with profit, expenses, marketing strategy, and competition. This may lead to the restaurant's bankruptcy due to the inability to meet the necessary expenditure like tax and lease (Gu, 2002). To avoid such a situation, it is crucial to sense and resolve the problem early on. For instance, the problem with revenue may root from mismanaged expenses. Strict cost control and debt financing may be applied (Gu, 2002).

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