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Business Strategy as a Christian Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Using Nehemiah chapters 1 & 2, write a response on how this passage guides us in the area of crafting and executing strategy. What five things did Nehemiah do over a period of several months before he engaged the king with his request? What specifically does this teach us regarding patience, timeliness, and preparation in considering strategy? How did Nehemiah evaluate his external environment as well as his resources, capabilities, and competition? Provide and explain examples of how this could work effectively in the workplace. Please use APA 7th edition format and three references. Thanks for your support.


Business Strategy as a Christian
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Business Strategy as a Christian
While the Bible is a religious book meant for spiritual growth and nourishment, its messages apply to our daily lives and can be used for an individual’s development. It can serve as an excellent source for business people and other professionals towards proper decision-making for their businesses. A perfect example of such a book in the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a trusted adviser to the Persian King Artaxerxes in the 5th century B.C. His dream of rebuilding Jerusalem, Nehemiah, exhibits excellent characteristics that any business or professional can utilize to succeed in their endeavors. Nehemiah’s account shows five key steps that he took that enabled him to restore the city.
Five Things Nehemiah did and Their Teachings
One of the steps is that he undertook a prayerful assessment of the situation. On learning that Jerusalem was in ruins, Nehemiah broke down and prayed consistently before approaching the king to seek his blessings before pursuing the restoration project. After the king’s blessings, he went to the city and carefully assessed it to determine the damage’s extent before taking action. This step teaches entrepreneurs and professionals that before you begin a new project, always start with prayer and then objectively analyze the situation.

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