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Business Law Concepts (Essay Sample)

Project 2 tests your ability to understand the concepts that we have covered in contracts thus far in this class. This project requires you to identify and analyze legal issues and make recommendations based on one or more fact patterns. Please read the below fact pattern, analyze and identify the legal issue, cite the law and provide a recommended solution. If you have any questions post them to this conference. Harry and Wanda have been married for 10 years, and while it might not have been wedded bliss, it hasn't been bad either. Harry, meanwhile, has developed a romantic interest in someone else. Wanda dearly loves Harry and fears that he will leave her. Furthermore, she fears that raising their three children on her own will be too much. After much discussion and a couple of those expensive bottles of wine that come with a cork, Wanda and Harry sign the following agreement: 1. I, Harry, will no longer have any association with Doris, who I admit to spending too much time with, given that I am married. 2. I, Harry, will help Wanda in the raising of our three children. 3. I, Harry, give up any right to divorce Wanda prior to our children completing their formal education. 4. I, Wanda, will be a loving wife to my dear Harry. 5. I, Wanda, will give Harry $200,000 of the inheritance I received from my late great-aunt, once our children have completed their formal education. Harry stays married to Wanda, and all three children complete their college education. Harry has sued Wanda seeking a divorce. Harry wants the $200,000, but Wanda does not want to pay it. How would a court analyze this case, and what is the likely outcome? Assume that under the state law where Harry and Wanda live, Harry would have no right to any of Wanda's inheritance before signing the contract. source..

This case revolves around two persons that were married as husband and wife. Harry, the husband happened to be in an extramarital affair with a woman called Doris. Wanda, the wife to harry was concerned about having to bring up their three children on her own, more so she was still in love with her husband. After a long talk with Harry, Wanda convinces him to stay with her and raise the children until they clear their education. To capture Harry`s commitment, she promises to pass over some $200,000 inheritance money, which they put in a contractual agreement. Harry agrees to the deal, and drops the rights to divorce Wanda until their children clear with their education. However, Wanda refuses to honour their agreement after the children have cleared, and Harry moves to court. The two entered in an agreement th...
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