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Build A Social And Responsible Market Research (Essay Sample)


The first paper is course guideline. You can see the assignment 2 directly.The essay is only about assignment 2. I chose the first option:How can organization adopt ethical and socially responsible marketing programs and why should marketers be concerned about social responsibility and sustainability?
The second paper is written by me but it did not pass.The third paper is some suggestions by teacher.
I will upload some articles in my learning system.You can choose some to use.And you can referes some articles on Internet(google).
Dear Jingbin
You need to re-write your paper in order to pass.
The discussion is descriptive rather than an in-depth analytical discussion based on the literature. Moreover for the assignment at least eight peer-review articles should be used. Due to the lack of a theoretical argument the discussion is descriptive rather than analytical and thought through. Due to the descriptive character the argument put forward is vague and unstructured.
Based on the descriptive character of the discussion the author does not manage to present any conclusions. The conclusion part is very weak.
You need to rewrite your report in order to be passed on the assignment, addressing the issues raised above. More structure, keep to the chosen questions, and conclusions should be well-founded in the literature used for the paper. You need to go back to the original instructions for the assignment and have another go. Remember that is it research based double blind reviewed articles that should be the base for the discussion of the chosen questions.
For that you will have the opportunities to re-submit.


How to achieve corporate social responsibility
Institutional affiliation
How to achieve corporate social responsibility
Arguably the issue bout business ethics and socially responsible marketing programs have brought a big debate. Scholars argue that that social responsibility is when a company/organisation is concerned with the society, people or the environment which surrounds the area in which they operate (Križanová, & Gajanová, 2016). Businesspeople should always make sure that they show the surrounding a little respect because without the respect the company can fail. Socially responsible marketing in its most basic form can be described as when makes moral actions that positively impact the stakeholders with the inclusion of the employees, customers and the surrounding community. The primary objective of marketers in this sense is to package and communicate the decisions of the company in a way which they will positively impact the communities where they interact. It is important to note that the consumers have the bargaining power whereby they can decide on which company will succeed or fail and it is for this reason that marketers should concentrate on devising strategies which impact them positively. Additionally, the surrounding community where an organisation operates has a say in its success. It is important to remember them when making decisions. Although social responsibility has been termed as a positive concept, most firms have embraced it with the expectations of indirect long-term benefits. This paper will deliberate on how companies can create and adopt ethical and socially responsible marketing programs. It will additionally show the importance of social responsibilities and the effects they can have on an organisation
For the purpose of this paper, journalistic articles found online were exerted. The articles were chosen via filtering online articles which provided information on the topic but chose the articles which contained the most significant information. It is from these articles that the reader can see the impact that business ethics and social responsibility have on the society. Online libraries with the help of economic books also played a great role in the construction of this paper.
Examples of social responsibility, how they can be adopted and their importance
Voluntary hazard elimination
This is where companies are involved in the process of eliminating any production process which may cause harm to the general public whether they are required by the law or not(Tyagi, Kumar, & Kumar, 2014).. A good example is where an organisation can introduce a hazard control program that reduces people’s exposure to hazardous material either through education or creating awareness. Creating awareness involves the creating of programs that will shed light on the effects of certain products. Another instance can be when a firm that is involved in the production of chemicals creates a guide on the type of attire or protective gear that employees should use when working. According to a recently concluded research, one of the keys to the success of any organisation is showing the employees that they are special and making them feel appreciated and comfortable. This results in them being happy in the workplace and as a result can perform to the best of their ability. When this happens, it will impact directly the provision of better goods and services which keep the clients happy thus ensuring customer loyalty. Customer loyalty will ensure that the organisation has regular customers hence always creating profits. Another example can be where an organisation that generates noise in its production devises strategies that minimise the effect of the noise on the surrounding environment.
Community development
This is whe...
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