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Brewery that makes beers Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


1) From page 113 in textbook, use the outline for each slide heading (at this point in the semester YES some slides will not have content)
2) Create draft slides for:
a) cover/executive summary/table of contents/industry, customer, competitive analysis/company and product description ONLY.
b) Use citations from the textbook and if you use examples from a company’s business plan; you must cite this as well. *Must follow APA style guidelines.


XYZ Breweries Business Plan
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Executive Summary
XYZ Breweries is one of the companies that deal with the sale and distribution of beer products in Troy, Michigan. The management is determined that the company will expand its operations in the entire by offering high-quality products. We anticipate that every procedure, policy, and the process will enhance the flexibility of the whole company from the concept of products to their dispatch. For that reason, all the departments, marketing, and manufacturing will have to work collaboratively for the organization to realize its full potential. The manufacturing department will be a strategic weapon towards the attainment of set objectives. Equally, our marketing goal will be ensuring that customers understand the needs that the available products can fulfill, thus creating the necessity to provide them with all the relevant information. Notably, we will formulate a market penetration strategy that will ensure every stakeholder recognizes the value of our products. One of the core business strategies will be offering quality brew based on customer needs

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