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Real People (Essay Sample)


please write a two page response to article attached, pages 1 through 6 in the attached pdf file, it is the first 6 pages. On the syllabus you will see your assignment for next week, it is a response to the 1st reading "Real People" by Katy Siegel. It should be about 2 pages and your thoughts and feelings about what she writes about, whether you agree/disagree, what issues in photography it makes you think of, if it connects to your own work, etc.


Real People
In one of the most intriguing piece written about Rineke Dijkstra, titled Real People, the author brings out some of the basic elements of her works. The article also brings out some of the basic historical developments and foundations that have shaped the artistic elements of Dijkstra and the various characteristics of her works (Siegel, n.d.). This article also tries to give the meaning of the photographs and their significance. Photographs are the representations of the time, space and the artistic meaning that the photographer intended. However, there is always the basic understanding of viewers as they interact with the images, their feelings and the skills in discerning art. What is most important though is the ability of the photo to bring out the feelings of the viewer.
According to the article the works of Dijkstra are a characteristic of the values that she sought after in the people that she photographed across the world from different cultures and races. She has a bias in the ability of the subjects to show poise, self-consciousness, uncertainty and concentration. Every photographer has the values that they seek in the subject, which in most cases is a reflection of themselves and the artistic element (Siegel, n.d.). It also reflects their mentor in the industry that drives to become who they are. According to the article, in the case of Dijkstra, Sander and Arbus are the closes...
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