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Music Journal (Essay Sample)

This is a music journal. I selected 2 pieces of music I liked the \"Russian Dance (Trepak\") by Tchaikovsky and \"Amazing Grace\" Please see the attachments for examples and instructions. source..

I have chosen the pieces Russian Dance by Tchaikovsky and Amazing Grace. Trepak is considered on of the most distinguished and celebrated dances in Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker. I usually attend a number of Operas and theatrical plays and through this I have come to learn and understand more about music in addition to understanding the different ranges, contours and intervals within the music.
Russian Dance by Tchaikovsky is a lovely piece that I particularly enjoyed as it created and provoked emotions of joy and happiness. I especially enjoy this piece whenever am bored and do not have anything to do for instance during weekends when I just want to spend time by myself. Unlike majority of symphonies that begin with a slow tempo and builds up to a fast one, this particular piece starts off with a rather aggressive note, maintaining the same tempo up to some point. It then picks up a faster tempo than suddenly comes to a halt, which is unexpected. It leaves one with suspense of wanting or desiring to listen to more of that piece. I personally happen to love, enjoy and appreciate music and Russian Dance by Tchaikovsky is a powerful, lively, driving and generally fun piece of symphony.
The Russian Dance is also a piece that is co...
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