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Music Journal #2 (Essay Sample)

This is a music journal. I selected 2 pieces of music I liked \"Hallelujah\" by George Frideric Handel and \"Dies irae\" from the Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. NO SOURCES... THIS IS A JOURNAL. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENTS. source..
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I am not so much into music especially classical pieces like Hallelujah. I usually don’t have the time to sit down and listen to music. But on listening to this piece Hallelujah by George Frideric Handel, I enjoyed it so much. I swear that to date I only go for classical pieces. In a day I have to make sure I listen to not less than five tracks from different composers. To date am addicted to this type of music and my shelf has several collections of them. I like this type of music because they have been well written and composed, thus make it more enjoyable to listen to. Try and you will realize that you have been missing a lot.
The piece messiah: Hallelujah that was done by George Frideric Handel in the year 1742 and performed by the Boston Baroque under the supervision and direction Martin Pearlman in the year 1992 is one of my favorite classical. Although George Handel was so much into opera music which I don’t like, I practically fell in love with this piece. It doesn’t matter what you say or do, this classical piece has inspired the production and composition of much more credible and powerful music.
Using verses from the bible, George Frideric Handel wrote the whole piece alongside one of his friends Charles Jennens within 24 days during the summer of 1741. This work premiered in Dublin at the time of lent in the following. The emotion and pace of the work falls and raises, the climax coming towards the end of the second segment . The chorus, hallelujah is the last portioning that represents God’s eventual triumph over the non believers. I listen to these song whenever am low, once am done, my spirit is usually lifted because of the good composition, message and the encouraging words that the song has on me. In my entire life, this is one of my favorite classical pieces that I have ever listened to.
Dies Irae from the Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is another classical music that was done to commemorate the death of Alessandro Manzoni by G. Verdi. This classical piece will for sure make you to sit down and listen to it because it is well composed, and the musical arrangement is just superb. It was first performed in the year 1874 in May in Milan. It was mainly written to commemorate the life of a great writer and poet Manzoni. This is a three mi...
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