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Financial Research Report Accounting, Finance, SPSS Essay (Essay Sample)


Financial Research Report
Imagine that you are a financial manager researching investments for your client. Think of a friend or a family member as a client. Define their characteristics and goals such as an employee or employer, relatively young (less than 40 years) or close to retirement, having some savings/property, a risk taker or risk averter, etc. Your investment should align with your client’s investment goals. (Note: Please ensure that you are able to find enough information about this company in order to complete this assignment. You will create an appendix, in which you will insert related information.)
1. Provide a rationale for the stock that you selected, indicating the significant economic, financial, and other factors that led you to consider this stock.
2. Suggest the primary reasons why the selected stock is a suitable investment for your client. Include a description of your client’s profile.
3. List five resources you’ll use to complete this assignment and begin to build your reference list. Remember you must use at least five quality academic resources for the final assignment.


Tesla Financial Research Report
Institutional Affiliation
Tesla Financial Research Report
Client’s Profile
My cousin is a relatively young structural engineer who works for a construction company. We are very close friends having grown in the same neighborhood and more importantly, our families have had strong ties over time. Growing up it appears that we all have taken different paths, which is fine, but then we still have quite engaging conversations when we meet. My financial prowess and desire to attain financial independence and ultimately, financial freedom has raised Jamie’s attention as he is also keen to reach this phase. However, he is a motor enthusiast while I am more inclined to technology. This position does not disintegrate my love for cars though. He is financially better and seeks strategies upon which he can invest his cash for more returns. Usually, I tell him that anyone can make great returns as long as they choose a stock they understand. A teacher can use their knowledge to pick the stock of the best value-inducing publishers while a farmer can commit their funds to the outstanding agricultural companies relative to value rather than price. To this end, Tesla poses as the best fit for my cousin as he seeks to have optimal returns for his investment in the electric vehicle company.

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