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Why has HMC been so successful, and why has GM been lagging ? (Essay Sample)

This paper is for my prinicpals of Finance class 201.94 Application Report 1: Prepare a 2-4 page report, double spaced, following APA style formatting, that compares the finances of Honda Motors (HMC) to the finances of General Motors (GM). Why has HMC been so successful, and why has GM been lagging ? You report should include topics we have discussed in the course, such as financial statements, financial ratios, financial management decision-making, and time value of money concepts. You can find this information in the following sources: "Wall Street Journal," "New York Times," Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and company web sites. The company web site will often provide you with the latest fiscal reports in the "investor relations" section. Structure your compositon to include a summary of the recent earnings report. Cite financial numbers, such as those that appear on the earnings statements, balance sheets, and statement of cash flow. Relay financial ratios that we discussed in the previous unit, such as profit margin, dividend yield, and debt/equity ratio . Describe the significance of these numbers- what do they indicate ? Explain your report relates to our course and to practicing managers. source..
WHY HAS HMC BEEN SO SUCCESSFUL, AND WHY HAS GM BEEN LAGGING? Name Institution affiliation Course Date of Submission Why has HMC been so successful, and why has gm been lagging? General motors` company is a multinational automotive company of American origin. It is among some of the largest automotive makers and sellers as well globally. They sell variety of car models in some of its nations where it has managed to established links. Honda was primarily a motor bike manufacturer as well as internal combustion engine makers based in Japan but managed to establish its links in America with time. With time Honda managed to become one of the automobile manufacturers (Alexander, 2008). Honda has been of the main domestic competitors of the GM. The following are some of the main reasons: One of the main reasons for the success was the ability of Honda to seek for inexperienced workers with whom they managed to train on how to make motor cycles. With the extensive training being carried out, the individuals were equipped with extensive skills with some of them being sent to Japan for thorough exposure on makings of Engines. This boosted the manufacturing of the engines and motor during the years that Honda was establishing itself in the United States. The second reason was its produced engine was able to abide to the policies of legislature. This enhanced its growth as in the case of GM, it had not successfully managed to a bid by the required policies. The factor boosted most of the sales hence the company managed to outdo GM. The financial reports of Honda have showed its ...
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