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The Bank Of New York Mellon Corporation Research (Essay Sample)


Written presentation, no ppt need
1. In your Introduction tell us a whole lot about your company, why you chose that company, etc. The link below could help, but so too would be the the company's website.
2. For each of the continuing case sections/chapters you need to evaluate the data in words keeping in mind what the contemporary issues for that section/chapter.
3. A final word document must accompany your analysis stating what have you learned about financial services as you analyze the "Continuing Case" activities from week to week
4. Keep in mind the grading rubric as per the syllabus and guidelines given from time to time would be the major criteria for assessment of your production
5. Your oral presentation to your professor by audio or visual medium would be in Week 15 Tuesday 11th, April 2017, say like from 6.00 PM (I would give a phone number to reach me)
6. Your final project must pass through SafeAsssgn and would span many pages.


Written Presentation
I chose The Bank of New York Mellon Corpo...
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