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G10 Socials Homework Mining And Fossil Fuels (370-374) (Coursework Sample)


hello I am in G10 .when you writing this use simple words to explain. Don't double space . Thank you


G10 Socials Homework
Non- renewable Resources: Mining and Fossil Fuels (370-374)
1.List the 5 minerals listed that are mined in BC
Copper, Coal, Zinc, Lead and Gold.
2.Definitions. Using the Cornell Method (1/3, 2/3 format) define the following words:
•Profitability study
•Seam- this refers to the deposits of mineral located deep underground though they are labor intensive to access them.
•Open- pit mining- this refers to a method of mining which entails large scale production of lower grade ores, though it is safer than underground operations.
•Bedrock- this refers to the ores or rock settlement from useful minerals are extracted through mining process.
•Tailings- this refers to the open rock faces and large residues of waste rock left behind by the open-pit mines.
•ARD- this refers to the acid rock drainage which occurs when the rock is exposed during open-pit mining. They have significant impact on water quality.
3.Explain why exploiting unprocessed minerals are vulnerable to shifting world prices
This is because a new mine cannot open until the company has undergone through a lengthy environmental review process and has satisfied any Native Land claims associated with the area.
4.Look at the picture on page 370 Describe it. After you've read about open-pit mines, explain the positive aspects and negative aspects of this type of mining
Open-pit mining the one showed in the on page 370 is advantageous in the sense that it guarantees the miners safety. Unlike underground mining, the ground cannot collapse on them.
However, its negative impacts include acid rock drainage releases acidic rain into streams and lakes. Similarly, open-pit mining operation may expose the workers to dangers of respiratory infections and bad scenes in the environment.
Read the section “Southern Exposure: Where Have All the Mines Gone?”
5.Why is it harder to open a mine in BC nowadays? List 3 reasons
i.A mew mine cannot open until the company has gone through a process and has satisfied any Native land claims associated with area
ii.There is always uncertainty of world market prices
iii.Lastly, the British Columbia Chamber of Mines also claims that the province's Protected Areas Strategy has turned too many park land.
6.List 2 reasons why BC mining companies have headed to South America
7.List 3 BC mining companies
Placer Dome, Teck and Commence
8.What comment do mining industry representatives make about mining and park land?
According to the Mining industry representatives, the plan to double the province's park land from 6 percent to 12 percent has resulted in close to 18 percent of the land being regulated as a protected area. This process i

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