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The No-Employee Economy Business & Marketing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


There is currently great interest in something called the Gig Economy. (See for example - https://www(dot)entrepreneur(dot)com/slideshow/309958)
In the old economy "employees" were people who earned a wage selling their labor and talents to an employer. Over the past century, three terms have frequently appeared in discussions about these economic actors -- Servants, Employees, and Managers. (Slaves were not employees because were considered property, not wage earners.)
Indeed, these terms became the foundation for all labor laws as free-laborers began to demand better wages and working conditions.
Therefore - employees have legal rights defining the limits of employer power. Employers have legal rights defining the limits of employee power.
Your task:
1) Identify a reason why employers seek to hire "non-employees" to do the work previously performed by employees. Make it specific, simply saying "lower cost" is not sufficiently specific.
2) Invent a word and write a brief few sentence explanation explaining why this word works better than the old term "employee." Your term should describe members of the gig economy, i.e., people who are NOT EMPLOYEES but nonetheless sell their labor in pursuit of economic wellbeing.
Propose a word (label) that does not currently exist.
Words you cannot use are: freelancer, free-agent, independent contractor, gig worker. These terms are currently in use but they fail to capture the extent of the change that is occurring. Be creative.


1) Identify a reason why employers seek to hire "non-employees" to do the work previously performed by employees. Make it specific, simply saying "lower cost" is not sufficiently specific.
Employers seek to hire "non-employees” who work on an intermittent basis and there are eligible to fewer benefits than the permanent basis employees, which in turn lowers the labor costs and the employees tend to have access to medical and different other benefits. For the full-time employees, the traditional benefits may include or vacation time, but "non-employees" are more like independent contractors and have no luxury of employer paid benefits. For the employers, this saves the company as they pay lower wages the “non-employees" in terms of wages and salaries as well as the benefits and not paying payroll taxes. The non- employees pay Self-Employment Tax (SE tax), while employers pay social security and Medicare taxes for their employees. In some cases, the employers are not subject to paying minimum wage and overtime for non-employees unlike full-time workers.

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