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Whisper Of AIDS Speech Reflection Coursework (Coursework Sample)


“Whisper of AIDS” Speech Reflection Assignment and Rubric Professor Good Summer 2019 100 points possible Read and view Mary Fisher’s “Whisper of AIDs” speech several times. Read: https://www(dot)americanrhetoric(dot)com/speeches/maryfisher1992rnc.html Watch: Mary Fisher “Whisper of AIDs” https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=zB5K9k__SOo In 4-5 paragraphs, write your personal reflection and incorporate at least 2 course concepts that you feel are most applicable to understanding the speech better. I want you to be critical consumers are public speeches. This speech is from the past, but still highly relevant today. It is important to be able to effectively and efficiently articulate how things make you feel and why. This assignment challenges you to do that in a short space, 4-5 paragraphs, because in today’s technology era we humans have limited capacity, attention, and a plethora of distractions. You may only have a brief moment in time to articulate your stance and feelings—make those 4-5 paragraphs count!
“Whisper of AIDS” Rubric
Student reflected upon how the speech made them feel ___ 25 points
Student incorporated 2 course concepts in their personal reflection ___ 25 points
Reflection was 4-5 paragraphs in length ___ 25 points
Reflection was free of grammar and spelling errors ___ 25 points
Please don't use any writing essay online and give cited if using any quote's or referring to a book. Use ethics if you can.


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The touching speech “A Whisper of AIDS”, was written and made by Mary Fisher, an American activist, the founder of Family Aids Network and daughter of a prominent businessman. The speech made me feel sorrow for people infected with AIDS, the effect of the disease in their bodies and the numerous prejudices, stigma and the feeling of isolation that they receive from the people around them.
The speech made me deeply connect with the apparently heavy loss that the disease could cause when she speaks of her children, Marks and Zachary and her entire family. In addition, from the speech, I felt the understanding of the fact that the disease does not choose who to attack, it attacks anyone who is human and that is why it is our obligation to create a public awareness of the dangers of AIDS.
Mary Fisher

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