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The effect of manipulation on law back pain treatment (Coursework Sample)

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A research proposal on effects caused by spine manipulation therapies in patients during treatment of lower back pain
1.0 Abstract
Back pains are increasingly becoming common among the current generation. This problem has mad it necessary for medical practitioners to device multiple ways of treating the ailment (Santilli et al., 2006, p. 56). Manipulation on lower back is one of the methods currently used to deal with this problem. However, there have been varied opinions about effectiveness of this method with several controversial opinions being given by different quotas of the medical profession. Considering the effects this problem on its victims, there is need to urgently research of possible and most effective means of dealing with it (59). This research proposal seeks to investigate the various theoretical and practical phenomena that circumvent the overall problem. It also seeks to employ the best data collection and analysis procedures to come out with the best result reflecting the truancy surrounding these medical beliefs. Unless proper investigations are carried out about the use of manipulation on lower back to treat back pains, then the problem is going to remain a puzzle to many people including health professionals thus making it difficult to treat.
2.0 Purpose of the study
Health practitioners such as chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical therapist have tried to treat back pain using different methods and among them is manipulation on lower back (Lehman et al., 2001, p. 79). This therapy has however received mixed opinions about it effectiveness to treat lower back pains. Some people have opted for alternative treatment after manipulation on lower back has failed. Some have always preferred this method as they find it effective and simple to administer. A question about its reliability and effectiveness then arises. This study aims at evaluating these claims by investigating various beliefs associated with this method of treatment. The purpose is to investigate what the real situation is like at the ground and eventually be able to compile a report that can aid in improving treatment of back pains.
3.0 Research questions
This research project will be guided by a set of questions. These questions are designed in a manner that they focus on the study problem, which is the effect of manipulation on lower back in pain treatment. These questions will be as follows;
What effects does the manipulation on lower back in pain treatment have on patients suffering this problem?
What perceptions do medical practitioners hold on this method of treating lower back pain?
How effective is manipulation on lower back in pain treatment?
What available options are considerable in treating lower back pain?
What should be done in dealing with effects of manipulation on the lower back in pain treatment?
These set of questions will be very useful in addressing th...
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