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Reinforcement–concrete bond behavior: Experimentation in dryingconditions and meso-scale modeling (Coursework Sample)


I need help with this article (Reinforcement–concrete bond behavior: Experimentation in dryingconditions and meso-scale modeling ) I have to answer all the questions and I have to fulfill Motivate answers, use references! When using references, enter references in the text as (Widén, 2014) and complete references in a reference list.
1.What is the article about?
2.What is the purpose and conclusion, and how well does the conclusion fit the purpose?
3.What is described in the theoretical reference frame and in what way is the theoretical reference frame used?
4.Which method has been used and is the method sufficiently well described? Describe the implementation.
5.Is the method suitable for the study that states the purpose? What is the choice of method of consequence for the conclusion?
6.What or what other methods could be used and what consequences would this have for the result / final state?
7.How is the result analyzed? What does this mean for the conclusions?


Article Summary and Critique
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Article Summary and Critique
About the Article
The article is on the bond behavior of reinforcement concrete; it presents the experiment conducted in meso-scale modeling and drying conditions. It proves that reinforced concrete structures need to fulfill serviceability functions in bearing capacities and durability (Michou, Hilaire, Benboudjema, Nahas, Wyniecki, & Berthaud 2015). The article proposes a meso-scale reinforcement-concrete bond. Therefore, the article shows why reinforced concrete structures are strong and durable, thus applicable in areas of high tension and strength.
The Purpose and Conclusion of the Article
The purpose of the article is to evaluate the behavior of reinforcement concrete and then use the findings from the tests to propose a meso-scale reinforcement concrete bond. The conclusion drawn from the tests conducted in the experiment is that the measurements showed existence of surface cracking mapping and strain in reinforcement (Michou, Hilaire, Benboudjema, Nahas, Wyniecki, & Berthaud 2015). The experiment also focused on the impact of creep and drying shrinkage on the cracking and structural behavior. From the findings, it can be concluded that these impacts are significant, but they mainly determined by the reinforcement ratio. The conclusion fits the purpose as it shows that the purpose was achieved and how the tests of the experiment met the purpose of the study.

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