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Week 5 Shinto Chart Religion & Theology Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Please complete the Chart attached on Shinto Religion. I am providing one source (https://www(dot)ancient(dot)eu/Shinto/ ) you can use two additional scholarly sources if needed. Don't use any information from classroom thank you! Please keep it simple this is just a brain storm chart it doesn't have to be extensive.



This chart contains all the research you need to write the final paper for this course. If you do the research and reading on the religion(s) we study each week, and if you give yourself a good guide to the religions using this chart, you will have a good foundation for that final paper. The more information you provide for yourself with this chart, the easier it will be to write your final paper. Do not forget to provide adequate material for any in-text citations and be sure to include a reference page as well. On the left hand side of the chart are the categories and the content to be discussed.
Complete and submit the following chart. Provide citations for any source(s) you used to explain or provide examples for in your research.List in APA Style full references for any in-text citations and source(s) made in the above chart. Use full sentences and correct grammar, etc.

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