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Owner's manual to life Religion & Theology Coursework (Coursework Sample)


How long should each answer be? I usually say: as long as you need to say what you have to say. I am imaging, however, as a rough idea, that this might be at total of about 7 pages of 12-point, double-spaced text.
The grade is based on the depth, insight and information communicated in your answer. So, it is what you say (and not how many pages it takes to say it).
1. The planet is beautiful. You are part of the planet. Therefore, you are beautiful. Is this true? What is the basis that you would use to decide that? Have you tried looking in the mirror in the morning and asking yourself: “How did I get to be so gorgeous?!?”.
2. Do we earn confidence? Is it self-existing? Is it some combination of the two? Are you enough? How do you – or would you – know that?
3. What is the role that food plays in helping us to foster vitality? And water? (Did you screen those you tube videos about Dr. Emoto’s work on water)?
4. Money cannot buy you happiness: lack of money can make you miserable. What are the most important things that you learned about fostering vitality about caring for financial health?
5. In many ancient cultures, the ability for humans to give new life was considered sacred, because life, itself, was understood to be sacred: worthy of honour, dignity and respect. What have you learned about sexual safety and sexual health that support you in your experience of sexual dignity?


Owner’s Manual to Life
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) This statement is written in the Bible. The Genesis is the first chapter in the Bible that explain how He created the world and human kind. Human are created in God’s image and everything He forms was unbelievably beautiful. Beauty defined as something that pleases the senses, which it is the combination of qualities of a person in terms of shape, colour and form. But biblically, true beauty begins when a people understand his real nature and identity as an idea of God. Beauty is an asset from God, it is how a people express his real being and exercising it every day as it helps him enhance every aspect of his life. The world is full of beauty and wonder, but even though it’s so varied, beauty is all started the moment we look at the mirror, believes in ourselves and accepting our own imperfections and flaws. Love - love is the connecting factor, for where there is self-love, we find beauty within us.

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