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Article Review Psychology Coursework Research Paper (Coursework Sample)


Psyc 455: Organizational Psychology Assignment #1 – Article Review (25 points) Due Date: February 13th 11:59 PM This Article Review Assignment is designed to help you apply topics learned in Psyc 455 to an actual research article, so you will become better at reading and understanding the kind of original research that appears in academic journals. Some answers will be straightforward, while others will require interpretation. You will need your textbook, lecture notes, and the research article to complete this assignment. • Your answers must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.docx) OR a PDF file (.pdf) (NO EXCEPTIONS; do not submit a .pages file) • All assignments must be submitted on Compass by 11:59 pm on the due date • Late papers will be penalized 10% per day (starting at 12:00 am, including weekends) • Do not look at or copy anyone else’s work when completing the assignment. Violations will result in a zero on the assignment, at a minimum. 1. In your own words, define “Job Attitudes”. Please provide (a) a definition of job attitudes, and (b) name the type of job attitude examined in this study. You should consult the article to answer this question, and job attitudes are also described in the book. (2 pts) 2. Is this study a primary study or a meta-analysis? (2 pts) a. How do you know? 3. Name the study design for each sample (see Table 1)? (2 pts) a. How do you know? 4. Hypothesis 1 is a moderator hypothesis. (2 pts) a. What is a moderator variable? b. Restate Hypothesis 1 in your own words. 5. Name the 3 criteria (i.e., outcomes) of job satisfaction examined in the current study. (1 pt) 6. From the Method section, list each construct along with its measure(s). For example, you could say “The authors measured the construct _______ with ___________.” (8 pts) 7. Define common method variance/bias. (2 pts) a. Consider how job satisfaction and the criteria were measured. Is common method variance/bias a concern for relationships between job satisfaction and each criterion? How do you know? 8. For Sample 5, report each job satisfaction-criterion (draw on #5 for the criteria) correlation and provide a sentence describing what each relationship means. For example, for the relationship between the MSQ and job performance (for Sample 1), you could say “the correlation between the MSQ and performance is .39. This means that as employees are more satisfied, supervisor-ratings of their performance also increases.” (You may want to create a table with columns to organize job satisfaction, criterion, and interpretation) (6pts)


Article Review
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Article review
An attitude can be described as people’s opinions, feelings, beliefs on different aspects of our surrounding environment (Schleicher & Smith, 2015). People can have attitudes toward people they meet, food items, courses they take, and the work they do. Thus, job attitudes can be defined as a set of evaluations of one’s job that creates beliefs, feelings, and attachment toward their job. Job attitudes have a significant influence on how people behave at work (Schleicher & Smith, 2015). There various types of job attitudes, which include job satisfaction and organizational commitment. In this study, the kind of job attitude that has been examined is job satisfaction.
The study on the role of job attitude strength in job attitude outcome relationships is primary (Schleicher & Smith, 2015). This because it is a journal article that presents original information presented by various authors such as Wendy J. Casper and John D. Watt.

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