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The Way People Eat In The United States And African Countries (Kenya) (Coursework Sample)


What are some major differences in the way people eat in the United States versus other countries? Select a country to which you have traveled or would like to visit in the future. Research, (using credible sources, Write the URL address at the end of your answer.) the typical diet of that country. What are the main sources of protein? What kinds of grains are consumed? How does the typical diet of that country compare to one in the United States? (100 word minimum)


American Typical Diet
Major differences in the way people eat in the United States and African Countries (Kenya)
Nutrition is an important aspect of human life. A healthy meal is essential in boosting human immunity as well as living a productive life. American diets are rich in protein particular from red meats. However, African meals are rich in Carbohydrates and Energy. A typical American breakfast must contain eggs and other dairy products. A few elements of cereals can be traced in the diet. Fruits and vegetables are hardly included in the diets. Meanwhile, Kenyan meals are rich in fruits and vegetables. They take little salt. Red meat is rarely consumed in Kenya because they are perceived

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