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PTSD: Dealing with Clients who Exhibit Flashbacks (Coursework Sample)


A 35-year-old man, former Army sergeant, was involved in a multi-vehicle accident on a major highway. He was relatively unhurt, but witnessed several bodies strewn across the road immediately after the accident. This caused him to experience “flashbacks” from an active Army combat zone several years earlier. He begins to have nightmares of the accident and becomes unable to function at home. He is subsequently admitted to the Mental Health Unit of a local hospital with a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Initial Discussion Post:
Address the following:
•What are the most important factors for the RN to assess when dealing with a client who is exhibiting flashbacks?
•How might the RN foster therapeutic communication with this client?
•List three common flashback triggers for former military personnel and describe how the RN can assist to decrease the effects.
•Provide two nursing diagnosis statements (each statement must include an actual nursing diagnosis, related factor and as evidenced by) that might apply to former military personnel experiencing flashbacks.
Base your initial post on your readings and research of this topic. Your initial post must contain a minimum of 250 words. References, citations, and repeating the question do not count towards the 250-word minimum. References can not be older than 5 years.


Institutional Affiliation:
Health, Medicine, Nursing
1: Factors to Consider when Dealing with Clients who Exhibit Flashbacks
Given the nature of the accident the former Army sergeant was involved in and the things experienced during the ordeal, it is vital to consider that intrusive thoughts such as the images, emotions, sounds, and sensations are likely to irritate, thus resulting in flashbacks. Flashbacks therefore infer to the traumas experienced as a result of the involvement of senses that are reinforced by powerful emotions (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Flashbacks can therefore be triggered by several aspects. In regard to this, RN's needs to ensure effective approaches are initiated with the aim of helping clients who exhibit flashbacks. RN does therefore need to teach on relaxation techniques tailored to the individual's flashback profile while on the other hand providing encouragement and support through counseling.
2. Fostering Therapeutic Communication

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