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E-Business Plan (Coursework Sample)


E-Business Plan


E-Business Plan
IBM is an international organization that specializes in information technology. Put simply, the organization deals in computer hardware such as semiconductors, mainframes, servers, printing, and storage systems. They also deal in software because the organization is known to handle networking, operating, integration, and other business management systems. This organization intends to be the global market leader through the development, manufacturing, and creation of information technology products. It is notable that the organization demonstrates the capacity to lead the market owing to the fact that it provides their consumers with post sales services. This paper discusses internet marketing and branding plan for IBM by focusing on their brand strategy, customer engagement plan, recency frequency monetary, description of the performance metrics, and description of used technology.
Market Analysis
To begin with, the term market analysis could be elucidated as the practice of identifying conditions, factors, and characteristic of a market. The recent forecast by Gartner reveals that global IT spending may increase to 3.2 percent in 2014 (Plantes, 2010). Therefore, it could be deduced that international spending on information technology products such as mobile phones, printers, PCs, tablets may raise based on the aforementioned prediction. It is critical that this prediction considers products that may not necessarily have a similar reflection on IBM. Simply put, IBM does not deal in gadgets like mobile phones. However, it is evident that IBM deals in the software industry, which translates to the possibility of a brighter future for the organization. This owes to the reality that most of these products require software that is produced by IBM hence, the growth of the market.
Brand Strategy
IBM should embrace a strategy that is innovative because the organization not only focuses on talks about strategy, but also creates their strategy. The organization should aim at creating a market driven, and practical strategic roadmap. This could be achieved by using marketing strategies and effective advertising as the major factors to promote their products. In fact, Laundon and Traver (2012) assert that IBM switched from a digital website to a user-friendly website that improves their number of clients. IBM should brand also itself as an organization that focuses on providing solutions for individual clients and not providing a universal solution for the entire market. The organization should use the internet to promote loyalty from their consumers. Perhaps this is the reason why the organization switched their website.
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