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THEORY AND RESEARCH Synthesis of the key components of the study (Case Study Sample)


Assignment Overview
As previewed on the homepage, this Module continues the examination of theory basis for research studies with a focus on critique of discussion and conclusions of such studies. Two studies will be critiqued in accordance with the ideas and insights put forth by the scholars in each of the background readings as detailed below.
Case Assignment
First: Perform a peer-reviewed* research literature review, looking specifically at empirical research studies that are of interest to the Dissertation topic. Select two interesting studies that represent the topic of interest and offer opportunity to review theoretical underpinnings. These cannot be articles used in previous Case Assignments.
*Note: Dissertation studies are NOT peer-reviewed. Thus, do NOT select/include dissertation research studies for this task.
Next: Carefully read through the studies selected a few times or so, placing careful thought and consideration to the extent and manner by which the research is situated within a theoretical framework. Additionally, note the extent and manner in which each study reflects the key points put forth by the authors of the background readings.
Finally: Prepare a 1- to 2-page critical analysis of each study, focusing specifically on the extent and manner by which the research is situated within a particular theoretical framework, to address each of the following items:
1. Synthesis of the key components of the study (one paragraph)
Purpose of the study
Theoretical Framework/Foundation
Research methodology
Research design
Method of statistical analyses or method of qualitative analysis employed
Conclusions & implications put forth by authors
Reflections on both studies put forth by you
2. Theoretical Framework/Foundation
Is the theoretical Framework of the study implied and/or explicitly mentioned in the study?
Is this theory connected to a specific aspect of the study OR is this embedded throughout the study as a whole?
3. Critique of Theoretical Framework/Foundation
Does this particular theoretical framework "add" to the quality of the study? Why or why not?
How would a different theoretical perspective alter the study, if at all?
Finally, how does the identified theory support the results presented for each study?
What part(s) if any of the theoretical framework could be used for future Dissertation research?


Theory and Research: Results
Theory and Research: Results
Khatun et al. (2012). Causes of neonatal and maternal deaths in Dhaka slums: Implications for service delivery.BMC Public Health 12(84). Retrieved from
Part 1
Synthesis of the key components of the study
Even though development of urban areas is a sign of economic development, urban areas also attract people from rural areas which cause pressure on the available social amenities. In this study, Khatun et al. focus on how the national resources can be channeled to slums for purposes of service delivery. The research is conducted in Dhaka slums in Bangladesh, where nearly 5.7 million dwell in slums. The researchers conducted the research between 2008 and 2009 using verbal autopsy where two trained independent physicians were used to collect data. 260 newborns and 38 maternal deaths were reported between 2008 and 2009.Khatun et al. analyzed their data using performed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS, Chicago, IL) version 12.0 and also did a descriptive analysis of the data. According to Khatun et al. (2012), the results indicated that in Dhaka slums, the common causes of maternal and neonatal deaths are pneumonia neonatal sepsis, and birth asphyxia. 

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