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What Else Can Go Wrong Creative Writing Assignment (Case Study Sample)


The case study has been provided by the publisher (see the case found in the appendix of the text, on page 484). The first case study is Case 1: What else can go wrong? which can be found on page 484. The case is brief in nature, while offering an excellent opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the assigned readings. The case is supplemented by specific discussion questions that should be addressed by the students


What Else can go wrong
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What Else can go wrong?
Management in the organization is essential in an organization as it ensures that the affairs of the company are taken care of in the right manner. It is considered that an individual should rise to the top positions after serving in other smaller positions in the company. The main aim of this criteria is to ensure that one gains enough experience before taking control of the top management of the enterprise. In this case, managers are expected to show their skills in dealing with the various organizational problems that they are likely to encounter in the process of running the business. However, at times it is difficult for an individual in the top position to adjust in promotional positions when they are given the task to run the business in other states which they are not well conversed with the business environment. This paper is a reflection on the case study and explains the possible problems that might have overwhelmed the manager leading to poor performance during his tenure.
From the article, it is clear that Van has worked in top positions and has shown good management in the past. He has been able to prove to the top management that he is a responsible worker who can work in the different environment and still give good results. The death of Hodges who was the top officer in the company was received in agony, and this led to him being recommended for the position. Having worked in Taipei before was an assurance to the managers that he was the right manager for this position. In his view, we can see that he was confident that things would remain normal even has he was given a more challenging task

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