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Nursing: Influences Of Social, Political And Economic Changes (Case Study Sample)


Discuss the influences of social, political and economic changes on domains of nursing practice.


Influences of Social, Political and Economic Changes on Domains of Nursing Practice
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Influences of Social, Political and Economic Changes on Domains of Nursing Practice
Domains of nursing relate to the organization, coordination and provision of nursing care that include the assessment of individuals or groups, evaluation, planning and implementation of care to the intended recipient. It also relates to the establishing, concluding and sustaining professional relationships with individuals or groups. In the nursing domain, when an institution lays down a performance for a particular act, the nurse may have to go through professional judgment in order to figure out if the act is within the scope of practice under which the nurse is licensed and also the environment in which they work. Consequently, social, political and economic changes have an influence on the domains of nursing practice.
The political factors that affect the domains of nursing practice is nursing leadership that governs and stirs the nursing profession in that nursing directly impacts policy and politics making it to have both internal and external focus. Effective nurse leadership leads to better communication with the relevant authorities to ensure that both nursing practice and health policy are provided and maintained to enable the nurses to work in a desired environment. An

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