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NRS-451V Assignment: Health Organization Case Study (Case Study Sample)


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 (Student paper) Singapore Airlines was created in 1972 following a separation from Malaysian Airlines. In the wake of reorganization, Singapore Airlines undertook aggressive growth, investing and trading to maximize profitability and expand market share. Through this change, a new company philosophy emerged, “Success or failure is largely dictated by the quality of service it provides” (Wyckoff, 1989). By reinventing the company infrastructure and introducing new initiatives focused on excellence in customer service, Singapore Airlines became a global leader in the service industry, elevating existing standards among competitors.


Case Study
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Health Organization
Banner Health was founded in 1999. It started as a merger between the Samaritan Health System and Lutheran Health System located in Arizona and Dakota respectively. It is a non-profit organization that operates twenty-eight hospitals situated in six different states. It is currently the largest healthcare provider in Arizona and has over 50,000 workers. Over the years, Banner Health has come up some projects that assist in patient care and provision of health services to its clients in the six states. Some of the projects are developed to help the organization in the future. The paper assesses the readiness of Banner Health in addressing the patient, health care needs in the coming decade. It also includes a strategic plan that discusses the issues that pertain to the growth of Banner Health, resource management, patient satisfaction and nurse staffing.
Readiness of Banner Health
Banner Health has various mechanisms it has put in place as it prepares to solve the medical needs of its patients in the next decade. First, the organization is focused on acquiring more advanced technology and trained physicians. Currently, the organization has over 5000 physicians and other advanced practice providers. It, however, intends to hire more medical providers. It has plans to acquire advanced technology like robotic diagnostics, 3D printing, and drone delivery, which assist in patient care services like diagnosis and treatment (Feussner & Trastek, 2015).
Secondly, the organization has established a telemedicine program. It allows the medical providers to offer remote services to patients. It is estimated that the program will save more than 2000 lives which would be lost due to doctor delays. The system will also reduce the number of patients admitted to the intensive care unit by thirty percent. Other services that have been developed include diagnostic imaging, radiation treatment, infusion therapy and cancer treatment clinics (Kuhn & Lehn, 2015).
Finally, Banner Health is also partnering with other firms within the industry that can help improve the quality of its services. For instance, in 2016, the organization merged with Arizona Board of Reagents. It is expected that this meager will assist Banner Health regarding Medicare provision and research. It has also partnered with the Anderson Cancer Center to help with cancer treatments. The two organizations have

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