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Strategy final. Business and Marketing. Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Read the attached article about the acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T and answer the following questions (note that this deal is being held up by the US Justice Department for potential anti-trust violations):
1. What in your estimation is the strategic aim for AT&T? What is the strategy being pursued, what evidence supports your position, and does it make sense for AT&T to pursue this strategy?
2. Given what you know about merger and acquisition success and failure, will this be a successful acquisition? Why or why not?
You MUST reference and cite the relevant sections of the Strategic Options handout, and the merger and acquisition failure handout in supporting and justifying your answers, and you should also reference the relevant evidence from the article attached. Please be explicit as to your references here. If you do not use the material discussed in class, your paper will be downgraded accordingly. You may also bring in outside evidence if you wish, but that is not necessary.


Case Study
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Since June 2018, AT&T has been making the headlines as the best, most powerful and trusted telecommunications company, and one of the biggest mobile telephone service providers in the world. As the parent company of WarnerMedia, AT&T has made the history and provided its customers with something extraordinarily special and fantastic. To target potential customers, AT&T has always made the wise use of social networking websites. They have an official Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles, and frequently upload videos on YouTube. Furthermore, AT&T has always paid attention to both employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction while keeping the prices of its products and services to a minimum and maintaining their quality years after years (2007).

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