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Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Summit: Improving Service Delivery (Case Study Sample)


Consider the professional organization you currently work for (or most recently worked for). You probably have some ideas by now of how that organization could improve the multiple bottom lines by augmenting sustainability initiatives. With that in mind...
Benchmark AT&T's "Do One Thing" Initiative and come up with a creative initiative that could be implemented at the organization for which you currently (or most recently) work.
Give your idea a name (it doesn't have to be creative or profound... but it can if you want), and then brainstorm how you would implement an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Summit to support the structural and cultural change needed within your organization in order to put your new sustainability initiative into effect.
Develop a 1-page paper presenting the following:
1. An executive summary, presenting the name and objectives of your new sustainability initiative idea.
2. Graphically, revise the AI Summit figure (on page 167 of Embedded Sustainability) to express the activities you would suggest your firm's concerned stakeholders engage in at your planned AI Summit.
Format your paper with your name and paper title on top. Put all of your sources as full APA citations in footnotes. Submit by Feb 25, 2018 at 09:00 pm
My place of work:
I am a nurse who work for an agency that is contracted with hospitals (private and public) in Portland Oregon, and Vancouver Washington area to give dialysis treatments to patients. The agency is contracted with 11 hospitals--some are medical-surgical floors, some are ICU rooms, some are rehabiliation rooms. We are only in the room where the patients are located for a short time (6 hours total: one hour to set up [we bring in our machines], 4 hrs of treatment, and another hour to clean up[to get our machines out of room]). We are not part of hospital staff, but coordinate with the staff nurses who takes care of the patient we are supposed to give the treatments to. So, there is minimal transparency of the assignment from our agency--told that same day -- where to go and who to give dialysis treatments to. So lots of driving--even in busy traffic. They tried to coordinate, but cannot because some patients need it right away than others, some even get cancelled and deferred for another day for some other reason. Also, we under manned --we work average of 15 hours, and then when we have days off-even tried to get us to work. We have old machines--we call biomed for this, even they are understaff as well. If you have other questions, just ask me. Thanks.
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Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Summit
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Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Summit
Executive Summary
Efficiency is very important in an organization. It increases the performance of the company and at the end boosts its progress as well. It is important to note that there are certain factors that need to be implemented. For example, working in a nursing agency where we offer services to a number of hospital has been challenging considering the lack of quality machines and enough personnel to conduct these services. In addition, there are other challenges concerning delivery of services that we have experienced before. Having some changes will ensure that there are improvements in the manner in which services are being delivered. Since moving from one hospital to another can be tiresome and less efficient, I think coming up with a station where we offer all these services will be more better. The main objective of these initiative is to increase efficiency as explained in the text.
Improving Service Delivery
Most organization have failed because they lack better ideas that will increase their level of service delivery. In this case, dialysis is very critical treatment for patients in need. Failure to attend to a patient might deteriorate his or her health condition. This will entail convincing the management how this process will work and how it will be more effective compared to the current ways that we are using. Instead of us travelling from one hospital to another with all our equipment's offering the treatment, I recommend that we set up a station in the middle of the city ("Engaging Employees in Their Communities", 2018). This will be easier for hospitals to access the location on time. In addition, I recommend that the management should come up with a transport solution in each hospital where we will be ferrying the patients to our station. This will be well organized where hospitals will be given a

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