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The Life of an Ordinary Person in Different Period (Book Review Sample)


I need a topic describe due by 8am 4/5/17 and the Paper Due by 8am 4/17/17
Book review is for: Michael Meyer, In Manchuria: A Village Called Wasteland and the Transformation of Rural China (Bloomsbury Press, 2016). [ISBN-10: 1620402882; ISBN-13: 978-1620402887]
and all citation needs to be selected and only selected from: (please do not
use Google to collect random quotes from other books or articles)
Charles Desnoyers, Patterns of Modern Chinese History (Oxford University Press, 2016).
Topic describe need to answer these question simply.
Evaluate Meyer's depiction of life in China's Northeast (a.k.a. Manchuria) during the
early 21st century. Do you think the life of an ordinary person living there in the 2010s is
better or worse than the life of an ordinary person living there during the other historical
periods—Qing, Republican, Maoist, and immediate post-Mao (1980s/1990s)—that we
have covered in this course? Describe in detail the lives of at least three different Chinese
people introduced in Meyer's book in order to make your point. What do you think the
future holds for the individuals you have selected? What you do think life in 2027 might
look like for them?
For the paper, I put teacher's request below. But I am fine with that you lose some citations if there are any troubles to find right soruce to quote. And you are welcome to contect with me to discuss about the paper or resourses.
request :
You must include at least twelve citations from In Manchuria and at least four
citations from lecture, Patterns of Modern Chinese History, or the documents used in classroom discussion.
Use the Chicago Manual of Style “notes and bibliography” form of citation to site your
sources (see You do not need
to include a bibliography, however; footnotes alone are sufficient.


The Life of an Ordinary Person in Different Period
Meyer’s depiction of life in China’s Northeast
The author of the book Depiction of Life in China’s northeast famously known as Manchuria was set within the context Patagonia and Great Plains. This book is a mixture of historical research, memoir and contemporary reporting. This book represents a peculiar profile of ancient history in the northeast territory of China. Meyer spent three years in a home that he rented in a Wasteland where the major economic activity was rice farming. This place happened to be his wife’s family hometown. According to Meyer, the personal lives or saga of his in-laws is a reflection of the tremendous changes that China as a country was going through in the 21st century. The changes that are taking place in this town were coming in from privately owned rice company that was fulfilling the social responsibilities by engaging in the construction of roads, introduction of organic farming and construction of high-rise apartments to accommodate its workers in the rural areas of the northeast territory of China. It is important to note that rice farmers could only move to the high-rise apartments only after they had agreed to give out their lands. Before arrival of this privately owned company in this area, the lands there were owned communally. The Wasteland has completely transformed into an industrial area with many companies are now available in this area.[Meyer, Michael. In Manchuria: A Village Called Wasteland and the Transformation of Rural China. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2015.]
This essay examines the analysis of Michael Meyer’s book Manchuria to describe the lives of at least three different Chinese people that have been introduced in the book by the author.
Detailed Description of Lives of Three Different People Introduced in Meyer’s Manchuria
For a start, In Manchuria is the second book that has been authored by Michael Meyer. This book follows The Last Days of Old Beijing. In Manchuria, the author is using colorful local people of the Wasteland community to be the anchor of his story and eventually and meticulously capture the flavor of colloquial Chinese people. The author depicts the two residents that seem noteworthy and these residents are Auntie Yi, who was a retired cadre of Communist and her brother San Jiu, who is depicted by the author as a quintessential peasant. San Jiu was presented by the author as a being canny and very much attuned to the cycles and interrelated nature which are weather and rice farming. It is important to note that more often than not, the author would astray from his main subject to compensate for the deficiencies that might come up when focusing on the tiny village of Wasteland. Communist party leaders seem to have been compromised by the company owners to convince the peasant rice farmers to give up their lands and homes to move into the high-rise apartments that were built by the Company owners. San Jiu has been used by the author in this book to analyze the current situation of the Wasteland society. San Jiu is depicted as someone who is unhappy about their lifestyles that have been disorganized by the establishment of the rice company in the area. San Jiu is being disgusted by the fact that they are now being ordered around by the general manager of the company. They were tricked into forfeiting their lands to the Company owners and now they are working for them in their company. The authors being well conversant of how the life used to be for the people in this area, seems to be surprised by the chronology of events. For instance, the author is trying to recall how things used to be during feudal times when it was the landlords that used to order the locals around. They were later followed by ...
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