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Analysis The Civil War As The Deadliest Conflict In American HistoryAssignment (Essay Sample)


Civil War Battle Analysis○      The Civil War is the deadliest conflict in American History.  In fact, more American died in this war than any other war combined.  Both sides used traditional European warfare techniques, which resulted in considerable bloodshed.  You will receive an assigned battle from the Civil War to research and outline the course of the engagement. Include information and widgets about: Basic course of the battle (15-20 sentence) Results of the engagement: casualties, larger impact on the war effort (end of battle 20 sentence)


Civil War Battle Analysis
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Civil War Battle Analysis
Civil War was the most traumatic experience endured with enormous impact on the polity and American society. The origin of the Civil War was as a result of the outcome of another war, the American-Mexican War, which took place 15 years earlier. Civil War began as a result of the moral issues of slavery between the Northern and the Southern (McPherson, 1997). While slavery is viewed as the key issue that led to the outbreak of the Civil War, other factors include state’s rights, territorial expansion, economy and Abraham Lincoln becoming the president. After Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as the president, he expressed a clear moral opposition to the ongoing slavery publicly. As a result of this, some slave states in the South joined and formed the Confederate States of America. After the secession, the Northern people and the Lincoln administration refused to recognize its legitimacy, with fear that this could discredit democracy. On April 12, 1861, the war officially broke after the Confederate army opened fire on the federal garrison at Fort Sumter (McPherson, 2017). After the incident, four additional slave states seceded, forming a total of 11 states in the Confederacy. Although the states in the union exceeded those in the Confederacy, the latter had the best commanders and soldiers in the country, forming a strong military force. On July 1861, approximately 35000 confederate soldiers forced a significant number of Union soldiers to retreat towards Washington, causing Lincoln to call for additional recruits (McPherson, 2017). The confederate retaliated

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