Why Weed Should Be Legal (Essay Sample)

Why Weed Should Be Legal

Since time immemorial, many people have always had varying beliefs and sentiments about the use of drugs. Some believe that the use of drugs can lead to addiction while others look at it as a form of relaxation. This debate seems endless, but the truth is some drugs do indeed lead to addiction. However, when you consider others such as marijuana or weed which also exude medicinal advantages, the situation or the debate becomes complicated. Research has shown that many people support the legalization of marijuana, but there are still some who believe that it should not be legalized. These two factions never see eye to eye and always seem to develop newer arguments to counter the other party’s stance. However, looking at the advantages of weed, it is clear that people stand to benefit more with it being legal than when it is not. By outlining some of the advantages of weed, this article seeks to sell the idea that weed should indeed be made legal.

First and foremost, the use of marijuana is better for our mental health. In addition to relieving stress, cannabis reduces angst and helps one relax. This is the reason why most weed users are usually cheerful. It usually reaches a point when our parents, friends, relatives and life’s situations make us feel uneasy. Many of us end up being depressed, and their self-esteem is lowered. The use of a little weed during such moments can help one find inner serenity and tranquility.

Legalizing marijuana will be of great benefit to the economy. It will create employment opportunities for many people, and its industry will grow rapidly. With more jobs created, the per capita income of the country will also increase significantly. This means that there will be fewer people eating out of the pockets of others. The economy will thus grow stronger as more money is being generated.

Legalizing weed will also lead to growth in national revenue since the weed market will never cease to exist. Through the payment of taxes, the government will be able to generate more income and thus expand their pool of resources. By having marijuana illegal, the government will not gain anything while at the same time it will be spending a lot of money, time and resources to ensure that it is not only abused but also not sold. A lot of money will be spent on courts and police departments since some people will risk using it thus the brisk fall of the national revenue.

In spite of other drugs such as alcohol and tobacco being legal, the use of marijuana is less harmful to us health wise. Research has proved that alcohol and tobacco are more harmful to us and others. The after effects that alcohol and tobacco have are more drastic than that of weed and people have also died from their effects. They also do result in several ailments and damages which affect the society at large with health and law enforcement expenses. The use of tobacco leaves dire side effects on us and others when used openly whereas marijuana does not. Furthermore, it has a great scent.

Marijuana is less addictive as compared to other drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. When one begins taking alcohol and using tobacco, it is often quite intricate to make them stop. Slowly, the users become dependent on the tobacco and alcohol and even experience withdrawal effects the moment they decide to quit. Despite the knowledge people have of the effects of abusing drugs, it does not deter them from taking the risk. Many alcoholics suffer from withdrawal once they opt to stop taking it. Unlike alcohol and tobacco, marijuana does not lead to addiction. Moreover, studies have revealed that no one has ever died of a marijuana overdose. The above is not to suggest that marijuana does not have certain effects because it does but to restate the fact that its effects are less dire than some of the so-called legal drugs.

Legalizing marijuana does not encourage young people to smoke it. The youth at large enjoy engrossing themselves in a little mischief. When a child is determined to smoke weed, he/she is willing to take risks involved in order to access it. Most of the times, it is easy for them to access it since a corrupt adult is usually involved. Legalization shifts weed sales into more secure places and reduce the illegal income earned. By having it available in registered and licensed joints, the government can, therefore, monitor the sales while also ensuring the young people are protected from it.

Having marijuana illegalized encourages criminal activities in the society. Drug cartels and gangs get their sources of income from the illegal sale of weed. This poses a danger to the society since some of these cartels often resort to violence to solve their disputes thus disturbing the society’s peace and also threatening the lives of others and their ways of living. Legalizing marijuana will not put them out of business, but it will help to eradicate the crude ways they are using to trade. Additionally, these underground groups do not pay taxes which mean the government ends up missing out on an opportunity to increase its revenue. Legalizing it will, therefore, help to keep our societies safe while also earning extra money for the government.

Instituting laws against the growth, sale, and use of marijuana subsequently impedes or counters the criminal justice goals. The more the government seeks to ban and prohibit weed, the more the people find ways to exploit the loopholes and still stay in business. Currently, an underground economy which is financed with weed is in existence, and this has made it increasingly difficult to deal with weed or any crimes related directly and indirectly related to weed.

In conclusion, the topic of weed legalization has indeed divided the people while also leading to intriguing arguments. The truth is, legalizing weed seems to have more benefits than having it illegal. The government should indeed consider legalizing it and seek to reap from the weed business.

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