Why Christmas Is The Best Holiday? (Essay Sample)


Christmas is an annual celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is observed on December 25th as a religious and cultural festival all over the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Jesus is a spiritual figure whose teachings form the basis of the Christian religion. Even though the date and month of Jesus’ birth are unknown, by the early-to-mid fourth century, the Western Christian Church had placed Christmas on December 25th of the Gregorian calendar. This has come to be the accepted date for Christmas all over the world. It has been a federal holiday in the United States of America since 1870.


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” is not just a favorite line in a song. Christmas is the best holiday of the year-there is no doubt about that. Everyone spends all year getting excited and saving for Christmas. Some people may say that they hate it because it’s too commercial. Either way, we do love the festivities for a whole lot more other reasons.


It’s a very special time for Christians all over the world. The birth of a Godly being born in flesh and blood and getting to eventually die for sinners in order to save them from spiritual retribution is not a simple matter to comprehend. This is an act of pure love as Jesus is believed to be the direct son of the supreme creator. Therefore, this is a time Christians get a chance to highly feel loved by their creator. They also get to celebrate the birth of the one who saved them from sin. Something they take very personally, since now they are assured of eternal life after death. They also get to publicly declare that Jesus was born and actually died to save them from sin-a key pillar in their religion to attaining salvation. Christians have never felt closer to God if it’s not Christmas.


Christmas is a time associated with winter in most of the snowing countries all over the world. This makes it unique since it comes packaged with a whole lot of fun activities associated with winter. From making the snowman to throwing snow balls to skiing, it’s hard to dispute this as the best time of year. It almost sounds magical since almost everyone gets a bite of the fun from students on holiday to workers on work break. Best of all they have a chance to celebrate it together as a family and as a nation.


Growing up, nothing could beat the Christmas stories. Stories of Santa and bunnies that could lay magical eggs were always a killer. In fact a lot people were so attached to Santa that they waited for him at the kitchen chimney every Christmas for years. Of course children could sleep midway the wait and wake up the next day safely tacked in bed with Christmas gift and letters from Santa already under the Christmas tree. Either way, this still forms a major part of the best childhood memories and helped in developing everyone’s life story. Christmas can be a very good time for growing children. They can also learn a lot since this is a time to cement strong Christian values of forgiveness and sharing. And who knows, maybe Krampus is real!


Christmas does not bring joy to Christians only. Students all over the world can testify to this. Not only do they get to finish their yearly studies, they also get to be excited of being promoted to the next level of study the coming year. This fact even makes it more fun since they literally can’t be given homework-a practice hated by most of the students all over the world. For the bright students, this is a time they get a general view of their performance throughout the year. The bright and proud students benefit the most since this gives them a chance to cement the fact of how bright they are to relatives and foes alike. One thing all students agree on though is that this is a time they get to join their families and relatives for a good bonding. Family time is undisputable one of the best times of the year.


What’s Christmas without food? The stomach has always taken precedence in all major celebrations all around the world. In fact in India, there are holidays dedicated specifically for eating. Generally, this is a time of the year majority of the people got to eat delicacies never eaten before or rarely eaten in the family. A good example is turkey and sheep meat. It’s not a big surprise for most of the families across the world to bake a cake and bread at home. Some commodities are usually bought. This was actually the time overeating wasn’t restricted in the neighborhood. Maybe it’s because medics were always prepared for such cases at this time of the year. Meals could be shared across the neighborhood. In fact it was considered both rude and unethical to refuse food freely given to you by a neighbor. Even if your stomach was actually full!


Opportunists cannot be left behind whenever the Christmas saga comes up. This is a time they consider as an opportunity window. With emergency of new products from designer clothes to Christmas trees, this is surely the time to make money for business minded forks. This was actually a time when most people have received their salaries and bonuses and those who have been saving for Christmas are now willing to spend. Businessmen and business women have never been happier. Those with wedding businesses are even overjoyed. It’s the couples’ favorite month for weddings. Maybe it’s because of the free time or maybe it’s because of the cold weather. Maybe it’s because it’s just Christmas.


In conclusion, it’s not a holiday if it’s not Christmas. Even religions that don’t believe in Christmas get to celebrate it indirectly since it’s the end of the year anyway. Christmas is almost considered the only holiday that gets each and every one actively involved. From parents, students to business people, all agree it’s an awesome time of the year. Even though some may not agree with this fact, one thing is for sure. Christmas has always been there, it’s here with us and it’s here to stay. Anyway, in every market there is always a mad person and the majority can’t be mad. Christmas is no longer a holiday, it’s a lifestyle. Better embrace it because it forms the base of the festive seasons.


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