The Patriot (Movie Summary Essay)

A Summary of the Movie “The Patriot”


This movie is an all-time favorite by the loyal loving citizens of America. It brings hope and a deeper understanding of nationalism. It has become an epitome of bravery and sacrifice, which have sent ripples of courageous acts from people who have seen the movie. Mel Gibson plays the lead role in this movie and has brought justice to the character of the warrior fighting for freedom against oppression and strife. Even in his death and suffering, he brought men of courage to rise up and to take a stand against the wickedness and darkness that has oppressed a nation of brilliant minds and hopeful hearts. The story shows how freedom has been attained through a series of small and great battles that helped bring down an empire of dictatorship from selfish leaders who are ruling in violence and evil. The story begins with how a humble man became strong after he and his family have become victims to the cynical and violent leadership of political heads. These heart-wrenching experiences have led a group of lowly men to rise up, take arms and bravely fight the wrong system and false ideologies that hold a whole nation to be slaves. The freedom that the people sought to attain was at first far from grasp until the people began to realize their tragic situation, that without sacrifice, there will never be true and genuine freedom. The directors of this movie Patriot, have created a revolutionary drama of the American History. Based on boring historical writings, Emmerich and Devlin created a beautiful masterpiece that have sent billions of viewers worldwide to tears and emotional response. Mel Gibson was named as Benjamin Martin in this film, a strong and resilient farmer who have suffered a horrifying tragedy in the hands of merciless men.

Movie Synopsis

Martin was born in South Carolina who was also a brave soldier fighting in wars but after his wife died, he started to live a quiet life raising his children and farming. However, one of his sons volunteered to fight against the British army and was brought back home, injured and almost dying (Fandango, 2017). Another one of Martin’s son was murdered and his eldest was penalized with death by hanging by a Colonel who was loyal to the wicked rulers of the land. This infuriated Martin and once again the warrior side of him took charge. He created a group of men who were skilled in the art of war to be his core group in the battle. He jumped from one town to the next recruiting more warrior soldiers that would fight with him side by side without any reservations. There were retaliations from the enemy lines whereby one of Martin’s men John Billings saw his family dead on the streets murdered (IMDB, 2000). Accordingly, Martin was driven by revenge and rage for the atrocities of the British army and other barbaric groups pursuing wrong orders from wicked leaders. The bloodied streets of America was too much for Martin to handle and he started to take matters into his own hands to attain the justice that the innocent victims deserve. In the process of how he took a brave stand, he acquired more followers who started to fight with him or in his behalf. Loyal soldiers helped him to continue with his goals to eradicate all forms of corruption, bias, unfairness, and violence against the innocent. Benjamin’s utmost goal was to protect the women and children from harm and from the evil committed by vile men against the weak and helpless. He became a protector that people look up to and respect. He also angered many enemies who became all out to destroy him. However, Benjamin was resilient and unwavering in his stand that even until the very last breath that he take and the end of his life he was shouting freedom. He was not only fighting for himself but for his people and for his country.

Benjamin mourns the demise of his son Gabriel, a brave warrior who became a tool to open Benjamin’s eyes to know and understand that there could really be no freedom if the people choose to allow evil to continue. There is a need for a greater sacrifice, lives are lost at the expense of freedom. Lives are given so others could live and enjoy life to the fullest. There were moments when Benjamin was utterly discouraged and did not want to continue living but his warrior friends continually encourage him to fight the good fight and to pursue his beliefs and principles for the good of hundreds, thousands and millions of Americans. During those days the British forces were barbaric, burning and murdering men, women and children. They committed all forms of crimes against humanity but men and women began to rise up and fight back with Benjamin at the frontlines. Politically, the government was manipulated and ruled by British monarchs who had nothing else in mind but to occupy and expand their territories at the expense of lives. Men were pushed by pride and greed to hurt others so they could get what they want. It was an era filled with chaos and disorder with crimes being rampant. Benjamin knew that he had to take action, otherwise, their nation will be destroyed and made captive by rulers and authorities who enjoy in controlling others. The movie declared that freedom has a price to pay before it is accomplished. Likewise, an empire of dictators could only be leveled down to the ground by the power of unity and strength between honest and genuine warriors.  This story reiterates that even an ordinary farmer could do great things and that being humble helps a man to keep him on track. Benjamin was definitely a man of character and strength. Nothing held him back from achieving his goals and passion in life. The tragic experiences have led a group of lowly men to go beyond their limits and to fight back against a wrong system and false ideologies that has brought a nation into utmost despair and chaos.

The freedom that the people sought to attain was at first far from grasp until the people began to realize their tragic situation, that without sacrifice, there will never be true and genuine freedom. The British were shown in the movie to be sadistic and inhumane while the Americans portrayed bravery. Likewise, the battles in the movie were brutal and seemed real with open-field battles and the inclusion of chariots and survivors asking for help. The movie was near real and this is one reason why it has become so popular over the decades. No one has created such a film during said era and it was an original and brilliant masterpiece at such time and period (Ebert R., 2000).


This was a story of passion, strength, and courage, The Patriot draws the attention and hearts of men and women who are valiant in their fight against evil. Too many lessons are found in this movie. Camaraderie, sense of family, the pursuit for freedom and the strength to overcome all obstacles are seen to be standing out in every scene and every line spoken by the amazing actors and actresses. In addition, the high level of performance of Mel Gibson paved a way for the movie to reach other countries and win awards. The ideas and detailed facts included in the film were brilliant and satisfying to watch (Prezi, 2013). Hence, this movie has shown the true essence of brotherhood, family and bravery. It has become a true symbol of courage, love and sacrifice, and Mel Gibson has played his role perfectly showing the reality of a character who is a warrior fighting for freedom against oppression and brutality. He led men and women to stand against the wickedness and darkness. The story shows how freedom has been attained through a series of war that save and restore lives.


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