Social Responsibility (Essay Sample)

Social Responsibility

This is an ethical framework that suggests that an individual or organization or even government has an obligation to act for the society benefit.  Social responsibility is also a form of duty that every person or organization need to undertake in order to maintain balance between the ecosystem and the economy. A trade-off may come in between the welfare of society plus environment and economic development in material since, however it has in the past been challenged by the reports concerning social interaction in the past years. Social responsibility means providing equality or equilibrium between the two. Not only in the business structure but also in one’s individual action that can impact negative or positive to the environment. The responsibility can be well achieved by one performing various activities that do not affect the environment, for instance avoiding engaging in socially harmful acts and doing activities that involve directly in the positive advancement of social goals. These responsibilities can also be intergenerational since generations come with different approach which might leave consequences in the next generation hence the social responsibility must impact positively. For one to be social responsible, one needs to ensure that all responsibilities must be ethical and sensible. Be it an organization, ethics, and sensibility must be upheld towards, environmental, cultural, social, and economic issues. Striving for responsibilities by all parties involved including the government helps in impacting positive achievements in development, business and social life. Social responsibility involves individual, business organization and corporate social responsibility that will lead to positive results if well undertaken.

Individual Responsibility

Individual responsibility is an ethical belief or moral in which every individual has to show towards social life. For one to be social responsible, all actions and behavior must be ethical and sensible towards other individual, society, and environment. It is believed that, do what you want to be done to you, so one needs to be accountable for every action undertaken. It is all about one being taking account of his or her action, the impact of the action and the results of the action towards individual, society, and environment. By every individual taken part in trying to resolve this issues, each should also try and set a better example by obeying and adhering to social practices such as, volunteering in social activities, volunteering one’s time, money and effort in trying to help other people, and improving the quality of life in both families and individuals. One being involved in social activities such as giving ears to people’s problem and helping finding possible solution, managing personal emotions for instance, feeling of separation and loss, pain, and suffering makes one outstanding social responsible. There are also certain things individuals can engage in and help for instance donating. Donating can be of different forms, for example donating money, goods, and offering services of which the intention goes in helping the society. Different individuals have come out specifically in times of difficulties or in case a natural disaster has claimed a certain place, and offered their sincere help to the affected ones. Actions like this show how responsible we can be in helping one another. One can also be socially responsible in collecting funds in an organization. Another way of one being social responsible is by showing great concern by donating blood in the red cross organization which in turn will help various individuals who are suffering.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate never really began in the world but begins with responsibility (Fleming, 2012). It is not all about giving money or cash to the community but in getting involved with the community’s activities in helping the society and improving different lives. Corporate society has come with different significant matters for instance, the effect of private sector have offered in workforce, environment, society, clientele, investors, business associates, government, and other groups. It is now clear to us that most organizations can be able to greatly contribute to individual and the overall wealth of the society, but taking into consideration or account of their own effect on the entire earth when mankind makes right and good decisions (Anderson). Ethics in corporation involve taking actions that are significantly morally upright and are gaining ground (Huzaifa, 2011). It is a common thing that people have experienced by some corporate activities not coinciding with moral uprightness. All decisions should not be majorly based on corporate alone but community’s decision and individual stakeholders also have to be included in the setting up of these decisions. For a good corporate to function well, it has to involve in communities’ activities without forgetting to include the decisions by individuals as well as the community. This helps in showing example of being social responsible

Social responsibility in business

Business is an important activity and is one of the key growths of society, however, some businesses tend to majorly dwell on the profit making mind and fail to engage in required standards in ethics. Business ethics have now become an issue since little number of individual take social responsibilities into consideration (Crane, 2013). For instance, some actions can be profit oriented but have negative impact on a large scale. For example firing of workers in order to keep the profit margin high of the company is one thing that is considered unethical.  Most of these workers might be civil servants; by firing them it creates issues to their families and all the parties who might be depending on them. Such actions are considered unethical. Business organizations have noted that it is difficult to prosper in a society that is unsuccessful. Excellent business have gone ahead to involve the community its running, all this is regardless of whether the society is in wrong governance or has been affected in its environment.  People in different communities have expectations of good behavior and responsibility by the business.  Consumers or even society at large, expect goods and services to mirror the right social and ethical behavior. Shareholders in business are intending to perform well financially since they consider business ethic, environmental management plan as strategy in prospering business (Underwood, 2007)


Social responsibility is something that involves all human and organizations in the country. Having many responsibilities, one has to ensure that every action and everything the organization does is related to social upright behavior and should be ethical.  The world today has seen people with different perspective in helping but one should consider getting involved in something that will not have negative effect both to the environment and society but to have well influence in promoting the economy, business and impact the society positively.



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