Slavery (Essay Sample)


Since time immemorial, the act of slavery has not only been considered a form of exploitation but also the abuse of one’s rights. Slavery has been practiced in many countries since long ago, and while some people seem to be against it, some tend to be in accordance with it. The practice of slavery appears peculiar, and it aggravates mixed feelings in the hearts of many people. Some people think that with the wealth and power they have, they can meet their needs or satisfy themselves by exploiting others. Most people who end up being slaves are usually at their vulnerable stages in life. Instead of being assisted by any necessary and helpful means, some people take advantage of the state they are in and use it against them. Some of these people who end up being exploited do not know or do not have any other means of overcoming what has made them susceptible or defenseless thus end up doing whatever is asked of them. Majority of them see no alternative for being in their weakest points in life thus opt to be owned by someone else. Moreover, despite the fact that slavery is banned, some people still practice the act if the renowned media houses are to be believed. However, there is no denying that some countries stand mainly because of the blood and sweat of slaves.

Britain is a good example of one of the countries which developed as a result of slavery. For instance, the economic state of Britain was deteriorating. Many income making activities were waning thus the economic state was in a bad state, and the country was treading towards the poverty curve. However, through the act of slavery, Britain managed to get back on its feet and carry on with the streak of being successful. The availability of slaves enabled Britain to improvise on the state of their economy thus the ability to be wealthy and successful once more. Britain’s economic state has been of significance to it since it highly relied on it to thrive. Additionally, slavery had been in existence since long ago. Since it has been practiced in other countries, Britain saw that they could use this opportunity to their advantage and help themselves regain their initial state of being wealthy and prosperous.

Even though the world might have reaped from it, slavery should never be considered as a good thing. It might have had some positive effects but it was laid on a rotten foundation. As a result of slavery, families were separated and many never had the opportunity to reconcile. Slaves were mainly acquired from West Africa and examples of the ways that were used to acquire them include purchasing from African rulers, abductions, and kidnappings, some were lured from their homes with the promise of foreign goodies, while others were taken during village raids. Thousands of families were, therefore, separated from their loved ones and shipped thousands of miles away to go and work. The slave masters were not concerned about the well-being of the slaves and hence many died during the trips and also while working the lands. Small children were forced to fend for themselves after their parents were taken away while others were forced to make adjustments in a new environment.

Slavery is a bad act because it is a form of exploitation and it is morally wrong. Additionally, it gives the owners the power to mistreat other people. As a slave owner, one sees their slaves as property and this was the case in the US centuries ago. Slaves were never considered human but property which could be sold any time of day or night and also one that could lose value or loses value with age. History confirms that young boys and girls were highly priced because they were seen to have more years to give than the old slaves. As a young and energetic slave, one could fetch the highest prices and this was done with people who believed they were different and superior. Valuing or devaluing people is indeed one of the most dehumanizing act one could ever do but to the slave owners, it was always business and Africans were simply a staircase to further success.

The memories of slavery and its existence are indeed sad and help to showcase humanity’s worst. The truth is, man has managed to do some of the most heinous things to his fellow man. Aside from looking at fellow men as property or as inferior beings, man has also been involved in wars which have killed millions of people. The truth is, there is no limit to what man can do but there is always hope and with the support of people like President Lincoln, humanity can prevail again. There are no two ways to look at slavery and from the historical records, this has been made clear. Everyone must condemn it and fight to never let it see light again.

Currently, there are emerging reports which suggest that some other countries could also be engaging in slavery. Apparently, in this day and age, some people still consider themselves better and more endowed than others. The above is sad and one of the most annoying news one could hear. Evidently, as the world is moving ahead and admiring the new technological improvements and innovations, some are still stuck in the dark ages. It is quite sad and one wonders whether humanity will ever overcome some of its challenges. The world needs to come together to ensure its dark past is never revisited. If we are working hard to ensure the world never erupts in war again, then we need to make sure people respect each other as equal beings. No one deserves to be considered inferior especially in this day and age. No one deserves to be forced to work in brothels as some young girls are being forced to. No one deserves to be beaten or be punished severely after they have made a small mistake. I believe the world has passed this era. Slavery might have worked in the past but it should and must never work in this era. People have to come together and say no to slavery. I believe that love is the antidote to slavery. If people start loving each other and embracing each other and valuing each other, no one will ever hear or talk about slavery because we will all be equal. Therefore, love everyone as you love yourself and help to create a world where every person is respected and has a place.

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