Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization (Essay Sample)

Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization

In the past years, people, especially students, have been depended on the book theory in terms of business careers and information. Since technology has advanced, students can now use internet virtual page organization. This virtual organization gives one the ability to get a review, analyze or even solve a given problem in the business. One of the known companies that have grown is the Riordan manufacturing virtual organization. Riordan is a manufacturing company dealing with planetary plastic injection. The company has about five hundred and fifty workers and it is estimated to have a net income of about, forty-six million.

Dr. Riordan started this company in 1991. He obtained several patent polymers into a high tensile is the idea in him that saw his company grow to become a well-known company that has a high-net income. The company has three production works. These are plastic containers for beverages manufactured by his plant located in Albany, custom plastic parts manufactured in a place called Pontiac and plastic fans produced at Hangzhou, a town in China. Its headquarters are found in San Jose where all the operations and development are done. More so the company’s major customers are the automotive stations that require the automotive parts. Another well-known customer is the aircraft manufacturers. Beverage-making manufacturers come in when the need staffs to be used. Also, the defense department is among great contributors of a good customer to Riordan Company. However, there are several improvements that the company can include in its strategies and ensure that everything runs well. This essay seeks to describe Riordan’s manufacturing strategies, its mission as well as various changes or considerations to be put in place.

Riordan’s Mission

The mission of Riordan’s Company has been designed with a criterion that involves four areas. The first is the focus on the company to possess attitudes and strong beliefs that over exceed the company’s standards and provide a possible solution to the problems faced by the customers. Secondly is to create good relationships with the customers in which their problems will be solved, maintain their high quality and innovation. Having set a good relationship with the customers the possibility to solve issues that may arise concerning products or delivery of their service will be easy. The company has achieved various goals in the business industry just because of the good relationship built in between the employer and the customers. The third is to ensure that there is a long viability of the company and to ensure that the workers are innovative and they are team oriented. Having a good team on the company yields more profit and good work. Teamwork in the company ensured that the aim and goals are achieved easily without having any difficulty. Lastly, the apparent future of the Riordan’s Company was to make a large profit. The main aim of all businesses is not only to make a profit but to make huge profits. This can be achieved by having a set mission that guides the steps laid in achieving the objective.

Riordan’s Manufacturing Strategies

In business, human resources, capital, as well as the achievable mission, define a company. The company has achieved various objectives since they have aligned their production strategies with their mission. Performance by an individual, monitoring and improving performance, have been their major aim and this has enabled them to get to where they are. Coordination between these departments has been achieved in Riordan’s Company. The strategy the company has laid down has seriously helped them grow and grow. One of the strategies they have used is the ability to have all the suppliers in close proximity. Metrics is one of the things used by companies in terms of development. In Riordan’s company, once the goods have been supplied to their respective customers, return warrant and information are given back to the company on return. Having this type of metrics is much important since it provides information that is relevant to the management. This information helps the management ensure a flow of goods to customers, minimization of the cost, and also meet the required quality of goods to the customers. The plastic polymers that are used to make plastics, hardware’s and assembling the fans are supplied by a certain Chinese company. These suppliers ensure that right products reach the intended customers. However, there has been a problem with one of the Chinese companies that produces motor which runs the fans since it unfriendly to the environment. However, the manufacturing, supplier, and distribution of given products have been achieved due to the financial stability of the company. Stability makes the company achieve all the objectives since managing and controlling would be easy. The manufacturing process is a process that requires all the essential entities be available. The products, human resource, finance, and suppliers form a great part of the manufacturing.


Riordan’s has faced challenges with the customer relationship and combining various systems that would ensure that the problem would be solved. The existing business system should coincide with the change in customer relation. The system used in the branches and various hardware need be maintained, licensed and be supported. All this will help solve the inconveniences that would arise for instance service contract being discontinued, hardware and system being absolute or even malfunctioning of the system. All these issues inconvenience the customer hence service deliver would sometimes be poor. To ensure the mission is achieved, all stakeholders need to take part in making the company achieve the objectives. They should work as a team, coordinate with their respective departments and also put all needed effort for the company. All this will be achieved when the new system is tested, workers trained, improve their customer deliver and communicate in case of inquiries.

The world has seen technology grow and become part of our daily activities. Of late almost everything has been computerized. Having the internet so as to access information has been easy. The company needs to ensure that when one wants to access the information from the internet, every piece of information is there. Visitors learn through the internet and hence at one point would be willing to visit the company. Therefore, information concerning the product, manufacturing, management, delivery, and supplies need be on the net. The company can go ahead and make software that would be easily accessed for a given information, websites are developed to describe the product, management and also how the work is done.


Riordan’s company is a well-known company that has grown from the past years. The strategies used in this company in terms of management, coordination, and relation with the customers has been greatly achieved. Financial stability has seen the company grow and grow. Their mission has helped them have a driving force which enables them to accomplish much.

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