Renewable Energy (Essay Sample)

Renewable Energy


With consistent growth in population and improvement in technology, energy has become part and parcel of our life. We have occasionally used fossil fuel as our central source of energy in our daily activities. These fossil fuels are generally found under the earth, formed millions of years ago and they are non renewable. The energy has aided in the continuous running of machines in industries, running of vehicles, and other machineries that make work easier. However, these fossils for instance, coal, petroleum, natural gas, and also lignite, have caused certain effects on environment making them unreliable. Fossil fuel pollutes the environment, creates various diseases that rise from poisonous gas and encourages depletion of natural resource due to the emission of carbon to the atmosphere which may result in global warming. When the use of these fossils is increasingly affecting the environment, renewable energy tend to protect and preserve the environment by ensuring good and favorable conditions. Renewable energy like sun, wind, biogas, and tidal waves, are becoming more and more popular in various countries. For instance there has been an increased wind-power use in India and Germany. These renewable sources are cheaper and are friendly to the environment hence as human beings, we should adopt the use of various sources to create a good environment and improve quality of life. Indians, have gone ahead to use biogas in most households. The use of these sources has made the health conditions not hazardous. This essay seeks to describe renewable sources of energy for instance wind power, solar power, tidal waves are some of the key items.

Solar Energy

The world nowadays thinks of the sun as the future source of energy. Since ancient times humanity used to view sun as just source of light and heat only. Of late with the new technology it is proving that sun gives light and also its energy can be transformed to provide electricity which can sustains the entire planet. In India, it is estimated that the rays from the sun or exposure solar insolation per square meter is quite high. Countries can harness the rays and use the power generated in running of different machines during the day. In the twenty first century, the new inventions have seen emergence of solar heaters and solar cookers, industrial water heaters, solar voltaic cells (Sendy 2014). All this inventions is for the good of the people. In rural areas solar energy has been has been used to generate light during the night. Of late charging the phone, listening to radios and even watching TVs is easy since the invention of solar thermal energy. One of the simplest methods applied to harness energy is use of photovoltaic cells. They have been invented in such a way that any ray from the sun is simply trapped and converted to electrical power (Kraft, 2017).

Wind Power

Wind power has also been one of the renewable energy so far (Melain, 2017). It has been used in countries like Germany, Denmark, and America. The wind power uses the same principle of converting kinetic energy to electrical energy. This principle is also applied to the hydro- electric power system. Though, the wind power system depends on whether condition and cannot be consistently be used but it eases protecting and preserving environment. One of the major demonstrations of wind mill has been seen through by the involvement of private sector and private organization. In Tamil Nadu and Odisha as well as Gujarat, a wind farm of 32 MW has been set up. This action shows how humanity has seen the importance of wind energy. Of late wind pumps have been installed and various wind power station set up in order to make use of the freely available wind. The pumps have aided in irrigation and provincial of water from underground.


Geothermal is one the best invention so far of the renewable energy. The heat generated underground due to pressure and earth movement has been harnessed and utilized in provision of energy to the world (Molavi, 2017). Various methods have been introduced in order to harness the heat and convert to electricity. Different companies have been established to manage and control the process of acquiring the energy. The steam and gas produced underneath due to the pressure of the earth crust has been harnessed and converted into electricity. The steam majorly originates from fissures and holes underground.

Hydroelectric Power

Water has been part of the earth and has formed a significant part in our life. Energy has been provided from water through the introduction of hydro electric turbines that turns the kinetic energy of water to form electricity.  For instance in Kenya, Moringa dam was created to harness water from rivers in order to provide the kinetic energy that runs the machine. Through water enough power to run machines and large industrial machineries has be eased. Today hydroelectric power is one the most commonly used source of electricity (Singh, 2014). Different substations have been set up in order to utilize energy harnessed.

Advantages of Renewable Source of Energy

The advantages that have come with the invention of renewable energy have been greatly seen by various people and to the environment. Whereas the fossils generate poisonous gases and emission of carbon into the atmosphere, the renewable energy has been greatly adopted due to its environmental friendliness. As long as we are living one thing is assured of us that, solar, water and wind will be there. In the planet today the solar energy has been used to provide electricity and is environmentally friendly. Wind power has been used also to provide electricity and run the driven pumps in order to provide water. Renewable energy is cheap and easily obtained since they are natural. Renewable energy produces less carbon dioxide emission which does not affect the weather, whereas the use of fossil fuel provides different emission that result to acid rain. However they have some drawbacks for instance use of this energy is costly and expensive in setting up of certain machineries and turbines. Wind cannot be consistently be used since wind varies time to time.


The world today is full of activities that require full energy. The machines and vehicles require energy to move because they are made and run by engines which require energy. Renewable energy has played an important role in maintaining good environment. When most fossil affect the environment the solar energy wind, water, and geothermal have aided in dealing with environment and maintain the globe peaceful condition.


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