Pearl Harbor Attack (Essay Sample)

Pearl Harbor Attack


The world has experienced various wars in which countries fight over certain things for certain reasons. The attack by the Japanese forces was an ambush to the United States. In 1941, December 7th an attack was launched by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor which the United States was seriously affected. The attack on Pearl Harbor left lots of people dead as well as others seriously injured. This attack majorly was a consequence of several events that happened in past. Japan was growing and becoming a powerful nation at that time. History has seen Japan grow financially, at wars, and economically. In Japan, industries were constructed which aided expansion of its economy. The emperor of Japan was a strong militant person who saw Japan do well and grow to become powerful. The growth of industry, the traditional structure which was politically based and the strong army due to the ability to influence made Japan grow and was becoming a great threat to the United States. However as human beings, one should note that competition for power, fame, and respect is all over the world. The United States had an objective of being the most powerful country on earth. This means they could control most things in the world be it food supplies, supply of guns, weapons, oil supply, and other crucial things that are important to human being. The pearl of harbor attack was majorly an ambush to the United States in order to attract their attention. There were several factors that led to attack and the impact of the attack really affected the United States. This essay seeks to discuss the background of the attack, planning, objectives and reasons as well as the impact of the attack.

Background of War

The war between Japan and the United States of America was a probability in that, each nation was somehow aware but could not speak out since Japan had won various invasions including Manchuria invasion. Japan continued to grow as they tried in crossing over to china and gained access to resources which were so important to the war. From December 1937, Japan drastically grew as they attacked USS PANAY and the Allison Accident including Nanking massacre where over 200,000 Chinese were killed. This raised tension to the west as the fear grew and tension began. Due to these fear, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and France decided to offer loan assistance. Japan invaded fresh Indochina in order to cut the supply from reaching china and that also signified how Japan was becoming a real threat. For one to consider another person’s threat, one must have seen a great potential in them. The United States decided to give a friendly hand by exporting oil to Japan but Japan viewed it as unfriendly act. Time went as Japan grew stronger and stronger to beat the Indochina and invaded the United Kingdom.  The United States offered to negotiate with Japan and since Japan was really in control of china. The negotiation did not succeed as Japan did not withdraw their influence in Indochina since the agreement was that the United States and the United Kingdom stopped aiding china.  Since if one party does not coincide with the negotiation tension rose as the military planners of Japan organized the war. The Pearl Harbor was not expected to be attacked first since the United States thought that Japan would start with the Philippines.

The Attack

The best way to defend is to attack, this is a common saying and Japan decided to launch the attack on the Pearl Harbor. In the year 1941, November 26th, the striking force of Japan military left their base with four hundred and eight aircrafts which were to attack Pearl Harbor, another three hundred and six for the attack wave, and another forty eight on defensive patrol. Japan was well organized for this attack since it was just an ambush to the United States (Brubeck, 2017). The first attack was the primary objective as the second and third targeted battleships and the carriers of weapons. The first wave was to ensure that all the high points that is the spaceship and cruisers be attacked followed by the aircrafts which could be used to intercept them on air. Clearly this was a plan that saw various military planners as well as the information obtained concerning the harbored aided Japan in the implementation of attack. After all the planning Japan aircraft invaded the harbor launching missiles and ground bombs to ensure that the United States does not have any ability to fight back. The first wave managed to destroy battles ships, aircraft, Ford Island, and the aircraft found in for island. At 7:48 December 8, the second wave of three hundred and sixty Japanese aircraft landed bombs and several grenades which eventually led to deaths d casualties (McCarthy, 2015). This attack since planning gave Japanese a chance to invade the harbor and managed to give the United States a good warning that Japan is ready for war.

The Impact and Objective of the War

The impact of this war left twenty U.S naval vessels, eight strong battleships, and over three hundred planes destroyed. The people who died were over two thousand four hundred and another one thousand injured (Robinson, 2016). This led the president to declare war on Japan. Although the Japan did not manage to cripple America but the impact at Pearl Harbor was devastating. Japanese did attack the harbor in order to stop the pacific fleet from interfering with Japan’s mission. Secondly Japan wanted to buy time for them to strategies and build strong ships, and lastly to interfere with the Americans ability to mobilize faces in pacific. War is war but it is this attack that left various injuries and a permanent mark on state of World War II.


Human beings have yearned for power and more so power to control resources. The effect of this drives one to do anything in his or her power in order to gain victory. Japan’s attack on pearl proved that Japan was with the aim of controlling power. Though to the United States it came as a surprise but one can notice that the two countries were superior. Since bulls fight in order to gain dominance, Japan and the United States could not coincide hence lots of people perished because of this motive.


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