Nutrition Plan (Essay Sample)

Nutrition Plan


Proper nutrition is the greatest thing in one’s health condition. For one to live a healthy life, it is important to value proper nutrition. People across nations deal with food every time and it has become part of life since civilization. Since eruption of various diseases caused by malnutrition, people have valued the need of balanced diet as well as taking food that impact positively on their health. What we consume automatically becomes our diet, and this diet plays a fundamental role in determining your healthiness and how the body system will react to its functionality. The issue is not about how people are educated concerning nutrition but how people implement their knowledge in their life. One can eat anything edible depending on situation. Some prefer fast foods in hotels or restaurants in which probably might not be healthier but only reduce starvation. Improper diet has led to various diseases across the globe for instance obesity.  As a result of malnutrition people need to have a good nutrition plan that will assist in the functionality of their body. As I was a child I used to differentiate only what is good for consumption and what is bad. I used to eat the sweet and nice things knowing that they are edible to any human being. The same knowledge applies to anyone who just differentiates between what is good or bad for consumption. For instance fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables are some common items people think they are good to our health. However, it is not enough to have the knowledge of edible foods but one need to understand the importance and functionality of each food nutrients. Without the knowledge of proper nutrition plan any one can be diagnose of obesity or diabetes or any other diseases associated with malnutrition. This essay seeks to explain the effect of eating habits in one’s nutrition, how it changes one’s health as well as a plan to take a balanced diet in order to avoid malnutrition.

Eating habits

Lifestyle and Work

People employ different eating habits depending on lifestyle, work, background childhood and the common knowledge one has. depending on work, one takes fast food during lunch times for instance one concludes that instead of wasting time going for lunch, I should just take some snacks at home and carry so that I will eat at the time am starving. This idea has impacted negatively on people’s life. Snacks and junk food are not good for one’s health. One can opt not to go for lunch because they see it as a waste of time. Not knowing that a good meal at lunch should contain all the necessary vitamins as well as nutrients required by the body to function well. This habit of preferring fast foods to cooked food has led to eruption of obesity. Fast foods affect adults and youths plus children (Anyanya, 2017). The working condition and the activity one carries out in the day have played a role in influencing the eating habit of people.

Background and Illiteracy

Some people when they were young they used to eat anything that is sweet. Many have believed that eating greens, fruits and vegetables is good for one’s health. Yes it is true but in an extend it is not enough to give all the required nutrients and vitamins. This idea has seen many children growing up with the same knowledge and have gone ahead to implement. It is after one has passed a certain civic education that he or she acquires the knowledge of proper nutrition. The Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) recommends that one should at least take 25% of fiber in a day. Fiber helps in digestion of food and prevention of certain diseases for instance rectal cancer. However, many have not met the requirement since they are either ignorant or unaware. This has led to people taking food rich in carbohydrates more than proteins, some more proteins than taking food rich in vitamins. As a result of this poor habit one encounters diseases like anemia, marasmus, and other harmful diseases. People need to emulate proper eating habit. This is achieved by taking a balanced diet.

Healthy Food Intake Plan

Food is a mixture of chemical components and digestion splits it into four major categories of nutrients namely: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins (Wallace, 2010). One needs to consume meals at different time containing significant nutrients. The macronutrients food should be well taken in order to increase the energy and metabolic rate in one’s body. Nutritionists have suggested that: consume various foods, consume plenty of fruits, consume food rich in fiber, and consume less alcohol. In a day one can have a plan for his or her meal, for instance in the morning one can take low-fat cheese salsa, low-fat sausage, scrambled eggs, and wheat tortilla. Mid morning: maypoles ready to drink. Lunchtime: brown rice with cooked spinach together with teriyaki salmon: super time: asparagus and baked potatoes. Then 10pm one can take strawberries with cottage cheese. This is a complete summary of a good plan in a day one can opt to use since it’s a balanced diet.

Recommendation of a Good Diet

Carbohydrates like grains, potatoes and even sugar contain notorious values which is the main source of energy in the body. Fats play a role in transportation of nutrients and give energy for instance fatty acids which are obtained from fish oil or cold water fish. They help in prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Proteins provide amino acids which help in development of body tissues. All this plus vitamins constitute a good health. One can adopt to take a balanced diet throughout the day by taking notorious food which is rich in all nutrients. Accordingly, macronutrients are of great constituent to diet, they are found in carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and protein (Wilson, 2005). Depending on one’s ability to purchase the needed food, one should at least buy food rich in all nutrients; avoid excessive use of proteins or fats, but majorly practice eating balanced diet meals. People need to avoid continuous usage of fast food but emulate the attitude of eating cooked food at home.


In conclusion, nutrition plan is a healthy way of living and people need to enumerate proper food consumption. A balanced diet will lead to a healthy functioning of a body, tissue growth and a source of consistent energy. Accordingly, to Health and Human Service department, forty percent of Americans spend their budget on fast food from restaurants than home and need to manage their weight. This shows how some Americans encounter diseases like obesity and this is due to the consumption of fast food. People should at least avoid continuous consumption of fast food and emulate food cooked at home rich in all nutrients. Nutrition plan should be well undertaken by having time and create a menu for food consumption.


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