My Utopia (Essay Sample)

My Utopia

In the current world, people are divided according to their race, geographical location, religion or political affiliation. There are continents and countries within continents. There is a rule of law that is enforced by a government or a monarchy. Each and every country or monarchy is constantly struggling to be the world’s ruling power. This has led to countries investing a lot of money and resources in training and equipping their armies to prepare for war and guard their territories. Nuclear power is the current most researched and invested in the tool of power.

People are dying every day of diseases such as cancer. Medical insurance is not cheap and therefore unavailable to most of the current world’s population. As much as scientists are trying to find a cure for these diseases, it seems as if it will take a lot of time and in the case where they actually find a cure, the big pharmaceuticals are going to make the drugs so expensive that most people will not be able to afford the treatment. The current world we live in has so much injustice going on. It is a man eats man society. This will not be the case in my utopia.

In my utopia, there are no governments or monarchies; there is no democracy or dictatorship. There is no rule of law and therefore no rulers.  There exists, in my utopia, a society that believes in equity and governed by a common code of respect for each and every one. People coexist with each other and are not in a constant fight to outdo the other person. The people interested in leading the society are not chosen by a majority as the majority is not always right. Neither do they impose themselves on the people as this may cause a resistance. Instead, any willing person who believes that they are fit enough to lead the society comes forward and presents their case to the people. The person is then chosen based on their character and willingness to serve the people selflessly, not based on how many followers they have, their political beliefs or how much money they have (Bradshaw, 2012).

In my utopia, the people in leadership will not be earning hefty salaries or allowances and will not be treated special simply because they hold office. There will be no security and neither will they be protected by the law when they commit offenses. This is in order to weed out anyone who will be seeking leadership just so to satisfy their personal interests. Leaders in my utopia will be people of integrity who have the interests of each and every member of their society at heart and their sole purpose will be to ensure that the society co-exists in a peaceful and just way.

There will be no formal education as there currently is in this world. This is not to mean that people will not be educated. Instead of the same tests constantly being administered to students just so as to prove they know enough about a subject to take them to the next grade or next phase of their education, students will be tested on their strengths and abilities in areas that can actually be useful to the society. Human beings are unique in their own way. Everyone has something that they can bring to the table. We are not the same and are not capable of doing the same things. The idea, therefore, of testing students on the same things is not fair as it only favors those who are able to excel in that particular program being offered.

Education will, therefore, be based on the personal skills that each and every person possesses. Schools will not be offering the same programs or curriculum for the different students that they will have (Hatch, 2008). Everyone will have an opportunity to learn more about what they are good at and master the skills required to excel in that areas. Scientists will concentrate on science while the art students will also have the opportunity to study what they are passionate about. This will encourage them to believe in themselves and their abilities for the betterment of the society. In addition, education will be free so that no one ever has to worry about the hefty student loans that will be awaiting them once they graduate college and realize that the major they took for three years just does not cut it in the real world.

In my utopia, there will be no discrimination of any kind. No person will be bullied based on their skin color, their choice of fashion, religion, sexual orientation or their general beliefs. There will be equal opportunities for all in whichever areas they please to explore or be associated with. People will be free to wear whatever they choose or believe in whomever or whatever they choose to. It will be a society that has free choice for all and which promotes choices that seek to grow every person into a better person than they were before (Cooke, 2002). Our character as human beings is based on the choices that we make. We are our choices and should therefore not be shamed or discriminated against because of who and what we choose to be. My utopia will encourage free will for its members by promoting conditions that ensure that people are not coerced into making decisions that may hurt them or their neighbors.

There will not be any marches for the upholding of rights of women or the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or transgender people. These groups of people will not have to fight for their rights because they will be already entitled to their rights because they are human beings. Women and men will be paid equally for the same job they are doing because they are putting in the same effort (Brodsky & Kauder-Nalebuff, 2015). Cases of sexual harassment will cease to exist as people will respect each other and their choices. A no will mean no and yes will be yes. People will treat each other based on their character and personality and not based on who they choose they love or which gender they were assigned at birth. There will be respect between people because they will understand that they are all human beings, and for that reason alone, they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect.

In my utopia, there will be no fancy hospital equipment or life-saving machines. There will be no drugs or medications because there will be no diseases. Children will not die of cancer or other infections. No child will watch their parent die of any kind of illness. In my perfect world, there are no infirmities. Instead, people exist as one with nature. Food is grown without fertilizers and retains its natural benefits and wholeness. Children can drink water from any stream or pool from the ground as it will not be contaminated. There will be no global warming or extreme weather conditions. The earth will be fertile enough to produce just enough food for everyone. The water will be pure and nourishing.

In my utopia, there will be no hunger, thirst, global warming, war, floods, crime, corruption, greed, disease or social injustice. Countries will not turn against each other and neither will families. Children will be allowed to be children and grow into the adults they can be proud of. There will be no pursuit of self-interests but everything everyone does will be for the benefit of the society they live in as a whole. There will not be any kind of discrimination or social injustice. Resources will be distributed based on need and not equally. There will be equity, not equality. In my utopia, there will be just enough of everything to ensure everyone lives their best lives.


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